What To Do If You’ve Got A Large Wedding Guest List

Even though Indian weddings are becoming increasingly smaller in size, it’s still not uncommon for couples to feel pressurised into inviting extended family members and friends. Guest lists can escalate without you even realising, but rather than feeling   stressed about the situation, you can plan ahead to ensure you still have a great day.

1. Make sure you have enough room
Cross check your venue’s capacity with your wedding planner and décor team to ensure there is sufficient space. Don’t always take your venue’s word as they may not be experienced in planning Indian weddings and may not have a thorough understanding of how much space you exactly require.

2. Ensure there is a holding area
If you’re having lots of people at your event then you will need a holding area in addition to your main function room. This is a space where adults with children can get away if need be, or elder family members can take a seat during the turnaround duration. High guest numbers means more people floating around and you’d rather they be doing this in a space that isn’t your main celebration room.

3. Spare some extra time
It’s just good manners to schedule in some time to say hello to your guests. This can be during lunch in the afternoon or during the drinks reception in the evening. Either way, your guests will appreciate you going round and saying thank you for their attendance. Naurally the more people you have, the more time you will need.

4. Have a seating plan
Despite what you may think, it’s not always essential to have a seating plan – especially if your wedding is quite informal and low key. However, if you are having a lot of people then having a seating plan might be better, as it avoids people moving around chairs and also makes dinner service easier for the caterers as they know exactly how many people they are catering to per table.

5. Don’t obsess about the little things
Having a large number of people sometimes means you have to re-allocate your wedding budget to certain, more important areas. For example, though you might be really keen on providing your guests with personalised wedding favours, it’s perhaps more important to ensure they have a welcome drink on arrival. Think carefully about what you can and cannot afford.

6. Forget the silent ceremony
Though it’s something most couples want, having a large number of guests in the daytime for your religious ceremony means you probably will not have a silent ceremony – it’s just not possible. People will be whispering and possibly moving around, and the worst thing you can possibly do, is dictate how your guests should behave when they attend your event. Let’s face it, no one likes being told what to do, so try and be a little flexible and polite in your approach.

7. Have a professional bar set up
It can get messy if you have a self-service bar, or simply a few catering staff serving drinks in the evening. With a large number of people in attendance you need staff who know what they’re doing and know what quantities to serve to ensure there isn’t unnecessary wastage. Don’t skimp on the bar staff, but you can always offer a less varied selection of drinks if you have to.


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