Why Asking Family Members To Work On Your Wedding Day Is The Worst Decision Ever

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When it comes to weddings, I fully understand that you want to save costs wherever you can, however scrimping on suppliers is certainly not the way to go. Though it’s absolutely fine to ask friends and family members for the odd favour here or there, I highly recommend you seek external assistance if you’re looking for someone to manage the day in its entirety and here’s why:

1. Experience Is Key
Your cousin may have a big fancy camera, but that does not mean that he or she actually knows how to use the camera or take good pictures. Timing, lighting, and location are all things that professionals have to take into consideration and there’s a reason photographers charge for their service. It’s the same with every other supplier.

2. No Obligation
You might ask someone to serve tea to your guests or slice up the wedding cake after the catering team have gone home, and though they may agree, they are under no obligation to do so. If they suddenly hear their favourite track blaring through the speakers they may head straight onto the dancefloor and be there all night, forgetting the time and task at hand..

3. Relationship Strain
Most people develop a great relationship with their wedding suppliers, however there are times when you need to be both firm and strict (as many brides and grooms will know). You simply cannot demand anything from a family member as they are doing you a favour and providing a service free of charge. If you do, then be sure to get ready for some backlash – which may cause a strain on your relationship going forward.

4. Loss Of Control
Family members and friends seem to have a knack of knowing what’s best for you. So when you ask them to get something done, even though they have your best intentions at heart, they may end up doing something completely different.

5. Enjoyment
Let’s face it, your family members are perhaps more excited about your wedding than you. They are going to want to dress up, let loose, socialise and have a good time. If they’re working the whole day they won’t get to do this at all. Though no one will refuse to help if you ask them, understand that your nearest and dearest want to enjoy the day just as much as everyone else.

6. Diplomacy
Family politics can always be a little difficult to handle. If you ask one person to assist with something, how do you do that without hurting someone else’s feelings? The best way is to have no one in charge and basically let an outsider take control. A great way to do this is to hire an external wedding planner. For more information on booking a wedding planning package click here.

7. Unhappy Suppliers
Though they won’t be rude and tell you to your face, every wedding supplier’s nightmare is having 10 different family members come up to them with conflicting advice. It makes it harder for them to understand who’s actually in control and no one wants to annoy the bride and groom on the day by constantly going up to them to ask questions.

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