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Wedding Myth-Busters Part 1

There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration when you begin wedding planning. You need to think carefully about your suppliers, the ceremony, your chosen venue and so on. People will often feed you all sorts of information when it comes to wedding planning, but we’re here to tell it to you exactly how it is. Here’s presenting the first part of our myth-buster series in which we put some of those common misconceptions to bed.

1. I don’t need any assistance on the day
Wrong! You are going to need someone to run your day. Whether it be your best friend, a family member or a purposely hired wedding planner, someone needs to be on hand to ensure all the suppliers are sticking to the plan and making sure timings are spot on. You could be the most organised person on in the world, however, you’re going to be far too busy to chase people while your standing at the altar or sitting in the mandap.

2. My caterer or décor company will bring along a dedicated event manager
There are some amazing companies out there who will really do a brilliant job with your event. But, please double check what it means if your caterer or décor company promise to bring along an event manager. You may think this is a substitute for a wedding planner – but it’s really not! They will most likely be managing their own staff on the day but may be too busy to deal with other suppliers, or other guests or family members. Just be sure to double check at the start and go in with your eyes open, as you don’t want any confusion on the day.

3. My guests will not complain
We are not going to lie; there will always be that uncle who will complain about the food being too spicy, or not spicy enough, or the music being too loud or the venue being too far. It’s going to happen. Trust us. You need to build up a shield to ensure you don’t let any of this get to you. It’s impossible to please everyone, and just remember; your wedding day is about you.

4. I will not burst into tears
So many brides think they’re going to make it through the day without getting tearful. While this might be the case for some, we think it’s always best to ensure you keep a handkerchief nearby. It’s not uncommon for even the strongest of brides (or grooms in some cases) to burst into tears at some point during the day.

5. I will be too stressed to enjoy the day
Who told you that? It’s your big day. You deserve to enjoy it. Some people may have had a bad experience on their wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you will too. If you do the hard work at the start and ensure you’re working with quality suppliers, you will be able to relax and party the night away like you deserve.


The Metallic Rose Effect

Date: 22nd November

Event: The Asiana Bridal Show

Location: Edgbaston Stadium

Last weekend we were exhibiting at The Asiana Bridal Show. We felt thrilled to be able to share the space with so many well renowned and quality suppliers within the industry.

For us, exhibiting at an event is mainly about interacting with soon-to-be brides and grooms and offering as much advice as we can to them on the day – hence our consultation-based stand. Part of our job involves styling and theming, which means looking into even the smallest of details that the bride and groom may perhaps not have thought about. So whenever we exhibit, we take our design very seriously.


The Look

Metallic Rose


What we used:

A rose gold table runner

A mixture of metallic gold, bronze and clear glass candle holders

Cream candles

Fresh flowers


Cream carpet

White table lack and blocks



For this event we chose to stay true to our brand identity and kept it very clean, crisp and simple – keeping the emphasis on our logo.

However, to add that touch of colour and warmth we went for this season’s on trend rose gold metallic runner with a mixture of gold, bronze and see through glass accessories and candle holders. A selection of cream candles were used alongside fresh flowers to give a slighter softer feel.

And what better treat for our guests then gold-foiled wrapped Ferroro Rochers, which not only matched perfectly with out colour scheme, but tasted divine at the same time.

On the other side we opted to have stacked blocks to demonstrate the different aspects of our jobs. We had an arrangement of wedding stationery, favours, décor and more traditional objects used for religious ceremonies to show the many aspects of wedding planning, but tied these in nicely with the crisp white look we were going for.


Carriages at Asiana