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5 Must-Have Drinks For Your Winter Wedding Reception

Many people assume weddings are all about summertime but actually, we think some of the most beautiful weddings take place in the winter. There are so many alternative ways to theme your event during the winter, which you just can’t do at any other time of the year. A great way to start is with the drinks you’ll be serving your guests as they walk through the entrance. We’ve put together a great mix of choices for you, which are likely to be a hit all-round.

1. Signature Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate
A hot, frothy cup of chocolate is sure to be a favourite with guests – especially if it’s cold and frosty outside. Decorate with sprinkles or powder and finish off with some helpings of whipped cream and marshmallows to create a true wow factor.


2. Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider
If you’re in the mood for an all out party then this drink is definitely the way to go. It will leave your guests feeling refreshed and ready to hit the dance floor in no time. Decorate with winter fruits or serve with a fancy straw to add a bit of colour.


3. Masala Chai

Masala Chai
This classic Indian drink has been a favourite for generations back home before the high street café chains clicked on. To create a truly authentic feel serve in see through glasses straight from a rustic Indian kettle. Pair up with some homemade biscuits and just watch as your guests come back for seconds.


4. Cranberry Mojito

Cranberry Mojito
The vibrance of colours in this drink will catch the eye of anyone from across the room. The tanginess of the cranberry paired with the freshness of the mint creates a zesty concoction that will send a bolt of energy running right through your guests.


5. Mulled Cranberry, Apple and Pomegranate Juice

Mulled fruit juice
These warm fruity flavours are perfect for both adults and children. If you’re looking for something that’s sophisticated and tasty then this is the one. It’ll make your guests feel relaxed, comforted and right at home.


5 Wedding Cake Alternatives For Your Big Day

If you’re having a wedding reception then you’re probably thinking about what sort of cake you’ll be wanting as your big centerpiece for when you make your first entrance as a married couple. There’s so much to consider; from the flavours to the colour to the number of tiers. But, what if we told you that you don’t even need cake to create a focal point? Here are our top 5 wedding cake alternatives.


1. For those who like a bit of fun

Doughnut Cake
From children to adults, everyone loves a good doughnut. You can serve them glazed, sprinkle them with sweets, or ice them in any colour you wish to match your theme. A doughnut tower is sure to give your guests a burst of excitement.


2. For those looking for sophistication

Macaron Cake

These originate from Paris and will instantly ensure your event oozes style and elegance. They come in an assortment of flavours and colours and look neat and clean when stacked in a tower. Go for macarons if you want to impress your guests.


3. For those who dare to be different

Cheese Cake

Who would’ve thought of a cheese board instead of a wedding cake? But actually, it is sure to get your guests talking. Layer up a host of different tasting cheeses, dish out some figs. grapes and wine, and your guests will be having the time of their lives – admiring your creativity at the same time.


4. For those who want ultimate luxury


Cream, pastry and dollops of warm, gooey chocolate – what’s not to love? You can even experiment with different fillings inside the choux pastry if you wish. This is definitely dessert heaven, guaranteed to satisfy those guests with a sweet tooth.


5. For those looking to create a relaxed vibe

Waffle Cake

Sometimes all you need is a bit of sweet. It doesn’t need to be complicated, over the top, crazy stuff – it can be something loved, comforting and easy to eat. This simple layering of waffles with syrup and fruits (don’t feel shy to go crazy with the toppings) is something your guests will love, if they’re looking to kickback and have a chilled out evening.



The Metallic Rose Effect

Date: 22nd November

Event: The Asiana Bridal Show

Location: Edgbaston Stadium

Last weekend we were exhibiting at The Asiana Bridal Show. We felt thrilled to be able to share the space with so many well renowned and quality suppliers within the industry.

For us, exhibiting at an event is mainly about interacting with soon-to-be brides and grooms and offering as much advice as we can to them on the day – hence our consultation-based stand. Part of our job involves styling and theming, which means looking into even the smallest of details that the bride and groom may perhaps not have thought about. So whenever we exhibit, we take our design very seriously.


The Look

Metallic Rose


What we used:

A rose gold table runner

A mixture of metallic gold, bronze and clear glass candle holders

Cream candles

Fresh flowers


Cream carpet

White table lack and blocks



For this event we chose to stay true to our brand identity and kept it very clean, crisp and simple – keeping the emphasis on our logo.

However, to add that touch of colour and warmth we went for this season’s on trend rose gold metallic runner with a mixture of gold, bronze and see through glass accessories and candle holders. A selection of cream candles were used alongside fresh flowers to give a slighter softer feel.

And what better treat for our guests then gold-foiled wrapped Ferroro Rochers, which not only matched perfectly with out colour scheme, but tasted divine at the same time.

On the other side we opted to have stacked blocks to demonstrate the different aspects of our jobs. We had an arrangement of wedding stationery, favours, décor and more traditional objects used for religious ceremonies to show the many aspects of wedding planning, but tied these in nicely with the crisp white look we were going for.


Carriages at Asiana