Impress Your Guests With These Easy Table Setting Tips

When it comes to your tablescape (a decorative arrangement of ornaments or other objects on a tabletop), you want to ensure all the details stand out and work together seamlessly to bring your theme to life. Don’t be deceived into thinking your centrepieces are the only way to create an impact from your décor. In fact, equal attention should be given  to your cutlery, crockery and glassware – a thought often neglected by brides and grooms. Long gone are the days of using disposable plates and cups, and if you want to create a truly sophisticated and elegant setting for your special day, here are some of my favourite designs that ooze nothing but sophistication and beauty:

Top tip: Incorporate different colours, patterns, shapes and textures to make your table stand out.

Don’t be afraid to use bold and contrasting colours. This pink and green palette works beautifully, with simple florals and touches of gold finishing off the setting to perfection.


On the other hand, darker shades also work well. This charcoal set paired with blushes and golds is both simple and effective.

Patterned blue vintage china works great if you’ve opted for understated florals and are looking to create a classic look for your big day.


Incorporating different shapes and textures will add another dimension to your wedding style. Keep it simple and let the designs on the crockery and glassware do all the work.

Photo credit: Casa De Perrin

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