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The ultimate full planning and coordination package that takes care of all your wedding planning needs from start to finish.

What do you get?

here’s an overview

Wedding Planner

I’ll be in touch with you every step of the way during the planning process. So rather than liaise with multiple suppliers you’ll be speaking with just me. This helps to speed up the process and ensures everyone is on the right page at all times. I’ll share my expert knowledge with you and be on hand to of course answer any Qs you might have.


During the wedding planning journey, you’ll have unrestricted access to me – there really is no limit! I’m going to be your wedding bff after all so it’s only right that you can contact me whenever and however you like. We’ll communicate via a combination of email, video calls, audio calls, text, 

Access to my members-only
Bridal Club

Worth over £350, this private club is filled with tonnes of resources that will help you kick-start your wedding journey in the best way possible. Get access to a private community, Masterclasses, live calls, resources, and so much more! 


Speaking of budget, from the word go I’ll keep on top of what you’re looking to spend and I’ll show you how and where you should be splitting your budget to make sure you get the most out of it. I’ll also keep track of payments that you make along the way.


While I will be your main point of contact throughout the process, there will be times where you will want to, or possibly need to, speak to other suppliers. You may also need to conduct some venue site visits. I’ll track these appointments for you and log them all in an easy-to-see system so you can reference this at any time with one simple click.


From the moment you sign on, you’ll be introduced to my filling system where all your documents will be stored. This will contain everything from supplier contracts and invoices to mood boards and floor plans. I’ll keep a hold of everything in one tidy place (which you’ll also have access to) so you don’t need to worry about anything going missing.

PLUS, you’ll also get
instant access to:

Trello Board

This is one of my favourites! This link will enable you to have quick and easy access to your wedding planning details with a simple tap on your phone. Any small to-do items will also be logged here so we can all see what’s pending and what’s been completed.


I have a fault-proof system that works, and as a client, you get access to this. My target checklist will ensure that even the tiniest of details aren’t missed. This list is crucial for us to stay bang on track at all times.

Private chat

One of the great joys of working with a boutique planning company is that you get personal 1-2-1 access to me at all times. From the moment you sign on, you’ll have access to a private chat group with me so that communication is quick and easy, even when you’re on the go!

What’s the investment?

You could keep tying yourself in knots trying to plan your big day, while trying to keep up with your hectic day-to-day schedule. Or, you could hire some professional help and breathe a much-needed sigh of relief.

From £6,950

I’d love to get started

A life saver so many times
Thank you so much for everything. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Don’t know what I would have done without you.
She will make sure your wedding day is perfect
I asked Meera to help coordinate my sister’s wedding. She went above and beyond to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. We were so relaxed whilst she did all the running around. Thanks so much to Meera and her team.
Our dreamy destination wedding was magical
Approaching Carriages was an absolute no brainer! Meera and her team worked with us tirelessly and even conducted an international site visit ahead of the day, to check through all the details. She ensured we had the most beautiful wedding in Udaipur overlooking the lake. Meera is your go to person if you’re looking to get married in India.
We didn’t have to worry about a thing
Meera did an amazing job helping to plan our wedding events! She was organised, efficient and thorough. Her advice and experience helped us immensely and the management on the day was particularly invaluable. Would highly recommend Carriages. Thank you.
Thank you for keeping us sane
Knowing you were by our side to guide us at every step, made the journey and build up to our wedding more enjoyable. On the day itself, we had the best time knowing the event was managed by a safe pair of hands. More importantly, our families had a blast knowing everything was being looked after. It’s been a true pleasure getting to know you.
Using Carriages was by far the best decision we made
A big thanks to Carriages and especially Meera for such an amazing wedding day! Living in the USA it would have been a huge challenge for us to arrange all the components of a wedding in the UK. They bought with them their expertise and contacts and met even our strangest requests – such as a Nepali-speaking priest that could conduct a Gujarati wedding! They knew what we were after and did not disappoint in delivering all of this and more.
Thank you so much, we love you xxx
‘Don’t worry Tia, we’ll sort it out, we’ve got you’ – and they did sort it ALL out! Our wedding day was perfect and ran smoothly. We would have been lost without you! Anish and I cannot thank you enough –  professional and friendly with ideas galore.
Everything was perfect
Thank you for making sure everything at our wedding ran smoothly! It was a complex event with lots of room changes but you made sure everything was perfect. Thank you again.

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Indian Wedding Planning & Coordination

Indian Wedding Planning & Coordination

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