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wedding-gift-bride-to-groom-watch-note-mrs2be-750x565I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with many brides and grooms over the years and the number one worry for most couples ahead of the big day seems to be timekeeping. Organised couples will know that sticking to the right time means everything. If you get delayed for any reason it can have an impact on other suppliers, food, guests and may even mean that you don’t get to enjoy as much dancing at the end of the night.

So, if you’re wondering how you can not only keep your wedding on track but save a little bit of time as well, then be sure to keep reading…

1. Eliminate breakfast
If the majority of your guests are staying over at a hotel the night before, then I guarantee they will be enjoying a nice hot breakfast in the morning. This means you do not have to provide an Indian breakfast. Sure, if the Jaan is travelling from out of town and leaving at 7am in the morning they will need a little something to perk them up, but if not, get rid. This will save you at least an hour on the day.

2. Understand your ceremony
It’s important that both families speak to the priest ahead of the wedding day and understand the ceremony. If any little rituals need to be completed ahead or after the wedding then he should be made aware of this. This way your priest can ensure he sticks to his allocated time. In fact, you might find that by having a chat you realise that you don’t actually want your priest to complete certain (non religious) rituals which will actually end up saving you time on the day.

3. Hire a wedding planner
The number one way to ensure you are going to be on time is to hire yourself a wedding planner. Your planner will have conducted a countless number of weddings and will have enough knowledge to know what can be cut or swapped around to ensure that even if you are delayed, you can make up the time. Click here to get in touch with my expert team.

4. Cut down on photos
It is essential that you do not go overboard with post ceremony pictures. I suggest a maximum of 12. If for any reason you feel like you require more, then try and take these elsewhere. You can always mingle with guests and ask your photographer to take some snaps while you do. The more formal photos you have, the more you’re eating into your allocated time for food or something else (did you get the pun there?!).

5. Get ready on site
If you’re having a wedding reception after your Indian ceremony and intend to get changed, then wherever possible, try and get ready on site. This will eliminate the extra time it will take to travel to and from another venue. It also means there is less chance of you being late for your entrance and will even allow you time to mingle with your guests during the drinks reception.

6. Short drinks reception
I love a good drinks reception. It allows your guests some time to relax and mingle before the evening officially starts. However, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to provide every drink under the sun (with a fully stocked bar) or keep the reception running for over an hour. A 35-45-minute drinks reception is more than adequate with a choice of wine and or champagne and a mocktail. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to move your guests.

7. Short speeches
Though it’s difficult to dictate the exact nature of the speeches, you are well within your right to ask your guests to keep the speeches to a maximum of 10 minutes long. Any longer and I promise you, people will get bored – unless you are having only one or two. You might be laughing away at the inside jokes but remember the rest of your guests will have no clue and will simply want to get themselves a drink or have some food.

8. Opt for a plated starter
If you’re debating about whether to have a plated starter or canapés then I would advise going with the former. You see, having a plated starter not only means you can keep your drinks reception shorter, but it also means guests are likely to take their seats quicker when they see that food is arriving at their table.

9. Small DJ set up
One of the most time-consuming aspects of turnaround time is the DJ set up. The less jazz you have, the quicker your DJ will be up and running. If you have no pictures or videos you don’t need screens. If the venue already has a sufficient floor to dance on, then you don’t need to lay down an LED dancefloor. These little things will not only save you time, but they’ll also save you money. 

10. Pre or post wedding shoot
If you feel like you’re not going to have enough time on the day of your wedding to take some great pictures, then schedule in a pre or post wedding shoot at the venue. This can actually work out a whole lot better as you end up getting some shots in other clothes aside from the ones you’ll be wearing on the wedding day. You’ll also be more relaxed, and will get to enjoy a day of feeling spoilt, special and in love. 

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