How To Provide Soft Drinks On Tables Without Ruining Your Reception Decor

When I get asked the same question over and over again, I know there are more of you out there struggling with the same dilemma. Of course, I use the term dilemma loosely as anything that has a simple solution doesn’t really count as a problem, right?

You will have planned your reception décor to perfection; Centre pieces – check. Table line – check. Table numbers – check. Menu cards – check. Cutlery and crockery – check. Glassware – check. But then all of a sudden you panic and stop at the thought of some ugly looking plastic bottles ruining this beautiful setting. You start to wonder, will it really look so bad? The truth is, IT WILL. But there’s no way you can let your guests dehydrate during the event, so here are some simple solutions:

1. Opt for glass bottles
If you can afford it then always use glass bottles. Water packaged in glass bottles always looks classy and of course you can get individual small bottles of Coca-Cola which provide a great novelty factor. Pop these in an ice bucket on the table with a mixture of other drinks if you want to create a more informal setting, or go with one per person if your budget permits.

2. Bring out the drinks later
The main impact of your décor will be felt at the start of the event when your guests first enter into the room. As long as there are no plastic bottles ruining your vision at the start, or while the photographers are taking set up shots, then it’s absolutely fine. Once food is served the tables are going to end up a mess anyway, so ask your caterers to bring out the drinks with the starters and/or mains. If you’re providing welcome drinks upon arrival and have some water (and juice) in jugs on the table – then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

3. Have table service
If you pay for extra service staff then actually there’s no need to have any drinks on the table at all. Your waiters will take the drinks orders from guests and return with their beverages, resulting in them not having to leave their seats at all, and you not having to provide extra drinks on the table. Remember this option only works when you have a sufficient number of staff, as your guests will not be happy if they are having to wait a long time to simply get a soft drink.


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