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Meera Majithia

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Planned To Perfection with Meera Majithia

Expert wedding planner,
bridal coach and author

After years of working with brides across the UK and beyond, and speaking to hundreds more through enquiries, social media channels and at in-person events, I recognised there was a gap in the market for a nurturing, all-inclusive community for women who were looking for guidance and wedding planning support from a professional.

You see, I have a very small, close-knit team and can only work with a few private 1-2-1 couples per year. But, I was adamant about finding a way though which I could communicate with more brides all over the world, and spread my message about wedding planning needing to be personality-led – filled with lots of fun and laughter. With a strong focus on wellbeing, my brides have always been encouraged to remain positive and plan with a glass is half full approach.

With nothing else in the market like it at the time, I put together years of wedding planning knowledge and thousands of pounds worth of coaching investment to launch Planned To Perfection – a platform that would successfully transform the way weddings are planned. And this is how my bridal community was born!

I’d love for you to join in and be a part of this incredible space.

If you’re looking for professional advice, round the clock support and a safe and uplifting community, then you’re a perfect fit.

See you on the other side.

if you haven’t done so already then download my bridal emergency kit checklist here.



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