How To Perfect Your Seating Plan

Most modern wedding receptions will include a seating plan to direct guests to their seats. Whether you use table names or numbers, the choice is yours. Nevertheless, having a plan in place before your guests enter the room will mean you can have them all seated within 15 minutes if you wish. Having named seats also means you’ve taken your guests’ requirements into consideration by placing them with people they ideally get on with. It also offers you the chance to get creative with things like favours and offer an extra layer of personalisation – which everyone loves!

But, getting your seating plan right is more difficult than people imagine. So I caught up with my favourite bespoke stationery company RickyDicky Cards to bring you some useful tips.

1. Make sure you have all your guests’ names
You need to ensure all RSVPs have been returned at least four weeks prior to your wedding date, if not then you need to chase. Grouping people together on tables is both hard and time consuming so allow at least two weeks for this. RickyDicky print their seating plans between one-to-two weeks prior to the big day to allow for any last minute changes (depending on delivery location), however design time needs to be booked in advance so it’s important for couples to also bear this in mind.

2. Think carefully about how you group people
It may sound obvious, but if you’re doing this for the very first time then think about your tables carefully and how you’re grouping people. You might want to start off by age, relation, dietary requirements and then go from there. It’s also important once you have your set groups that you send the information to the designer in a clear and concise manner, in numerical order leaving no room for error. At Carriages, I provide a full template (as part of my confirmation pack) for couples who have booked my Virtual or Diamond service. For further details click here.

3. Make sure all information provided is correct
Check and check again if you have to, but ensure all details are correct before going to print. RickyDicky always email across proofs to clients to ensure they are happy with everything, but remember that constant changes to the text will eat into your print time frame.

4. Design according to numbers
Sometimes you will have to make changes based on the number of people you have at your event. Though it’s always more visually pleasing to have names printed below table numbers or names, this is really only practical for lower numbers. If for example you’re having over 500 guests you will need to have names printed in alphabetical order to ensure people find their seats quickly. If budget will permit, always get two seating plans printed so you can place them in different areas to avoid a crowd building up in one place.

5. Think about the overall theme
I cannot stress the importance of having ‘matching’ stationery items. I say match loosely as not everything has to be the exact same, but it should be within keeping of your theme. The best way to ensure it all looks good is to purchase it from one provider. Your seating plan is just as important as your menu cards, table numbers/names, order of the evening, favours and signage. All items should compliment each other.

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