How To Incorporate The 2020 Pantone Colour Of The Year Into Your Wedding

As we head into 2020 it’s time for another colour to take the spotlight. All eyes next year will be on 19-4052 Classic Blue. What’s beautiful about this shade is that it’s described as being comfortable and relatable. So often brides and grooms feel pressurised to think of something out of the box for their big day. They need to be bold, different and daring – all fine if that’s their personality. But Classic Blue kindly reminds us that it’s okay to be relaxed – you can feel special by incorporating a modern twist on something that’s not so brand new.

Here is a mood board I’ve put together which highlights some of the key elements of the day:

Pantone Colour Of The Year 2020-2

COLOURS: Well it’s obvious that you will be using Classic Blue, but don’t be afraid to mix this up with other shades. This colour has quite a strong, regal look about it and will work beautifully with golds if you’re trying to create an opulent setting. Similarly, if rustic chic is more your style then pair it with ivories, whites or blush tones. The modern couple can pair the blue up with black and other bold colours such as pinks and berry tones to create a contemporary vibe.

DECOR: There are so many ways to add hints of Classic Blue to your décor. Let’s be clear from the offset though, not everything should be blue. You will need to introduce a secondary colour to the palette so read the above note if you’re struggling with ideas. Whether it’s your draping, table linen, florals, or cutlery and crockery, there are ways to incorporate Classic Bluet that will make your event look stylish, without making you look like a try-hard. Avoid having things like blue chairs or blue structures as this may not look so pleasing on the eye.

STATIONERY: As always, this is how to tie together all the final details. You’ll see in the mood board that while the invitation envelope is blue, the card inside is actually white. You could flip this around and have a white envelope with a blue wax seal. Your menu cards, place cards and seating plan should all be within keeping of the theme so be sure to speak to a good quality stationery provider who can do this.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Now it’s safe to say that you don’t want to go around offering blue food to your guests (this is not going to go down well, trust me!). However, you could opt for a hint of blue with a signature cocktail or offer blue napkins as your canapes as circulating. Paper straws are also a great way to add some extra colour. However, your main focus should be on your cake. You could have quite a fresh, naked cake with lots of blueberries and a hint of foliage or you could go with a showstopper cake as seen above with gorgeous brush strokes. Try and avoid multiple layers of only blue icing as it might look a bit too much like a child’s birthday cake.

ENTERTAINMENT: Are you having a band or a DJ? Could you ask them to wear blue suits to match? Perhaps you can incorporate a blue design on the dancefloor? Or if you want to keep things more subtle, opt for blue flip flops or blankets at the end of the night so people can really sit back and relax or go crazy on the dancefloor. It’s your call.

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