How To Choose The Right Florals For Your Wedding Day

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Choosing fresh florals for your wedding day is a must. However, if you’re no flower expert it can be especially   difficult to decide on the type of blooms to go for and the best style to suit your theme and the venue. To help you make this all-important decision, here are a few dos and don’ts to bear in mind.

Do entrust a professional
Trust a professional to look after all your floral requests. When you go to a florist consultation, ensure that they understand your requirements and take their suggestions and tips on board, as they’ll know how to bring your vision to life.

Do have a realistic budget
Be realistic when it comes to your budget as florals will not be cheap. If you want florals around the venue, mandap and tables, then this will come with a large price tag. So, be clear on how much you want to spend from the start and share this figure with your florist so they can tell you from the offset if it is workable or not.

Don’t arrange flowers yourself
Even if you’re an expert, delegate this job to a professional. The last thing you want to be doing the night before your big day is worrying about making all of the arrangements. Don’t leave this job to a family member either. Ensure you and your guests are relaxed ahead of the wedding as you’re going to have a very long day ahead of you.

Do use flowers as much as you can to decorate
Floral arrangements will never look dated or out of place. Use them wisely but not sparingly if the budget permits. From your table centres and cake, to your hair and car, adorn them all with beautiful blooms.

Don’t choose out of season flowers
Make sure you speak to your florist and have a clear understanding about which flowers will work best, and be available for the season in which you are getting married. Choosing florals out of season will be both expensive and difficult.

Do take inspiration from magazines
Remember to do some research before you meet with your florist. Think about your venue and which colours would work best. Also consider styles and themes and start collating images together of the types of things you like.

Don’t forget the men
Don’t forget to pay particular attention to buttonholes for the groomsmen and the groom. Florals add an extra pop of colour to men’s attire and will leave them looking dapper.

Do make it personal
Don’t just copy trends. Remember to make your floral arrangements personal to reflect your own style. What looked good at your friend’s wedding may not necessarily look good at yours.

Do choose a colour palette of two-to-three hues
Add extra dimensions, texture and depth to your floral arrangements by choosing two-to-three hues with a colour palette that will tie in with the overall style of the venue. If you opt for pinks, marry them with whites and brighter shades with soft green foliage.



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