Here’s Why Getting Married Without A Wedding Planner Is Possibly The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

There’s no denying that wedding budgets are increasing year upon year and so it’s easy to see why couples feel stressed about their big day. When you’re spending so much money, it’s a given that you want everything to be perfect. Time and time again I get couples approach me a couple of weeks ahead of their wedding when I’m either already fully booked or when it’s too late to make any amends to contracts they’ve already signed.

Why is getting married without a planner a mistake? Well, here are just a few examples…

1. Uncertain contracts
If you don’t organise weddings day in day out, then you won’t be aware of all the minor problems that could possibly crop up. This means when you start signing contracts with key suppliers you don’t ask the important questions. Big mistake. Though clients on my Diamond Service don’t have to be wary of these questions, because let’s be honest I do all the work for them, I still give them a copy of my special Carriages Confirmation Pack which outlines every question they need to ask every supplier – just in case.

2. Stressed family members
I’ve actually been to weddings as guests where friends and family members have told me they literally have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve simply been handed over a document sheet from the bride and groom and have been instructed to follow it. Yes, as planners I have an experienced team who can run an event off a piece of paper, but that’s because I’ve managed plenty of events and know exactly what to expect. If you’re expecting your second in command to run the day without any proper meetings, explanations or assistance then you are going to be in for a shocker.

3. Bossy suppliers
Sadly, not all suppliers will be mindful of what you want. A lot of suppliers will simply do what is easiest for them on the day. They’re so experienced in fact that they will manage to convince your friends or family members that things need to be done in a certain way, even if it’s not what you have agreed. Trust me, it does happen. That’s why you need someone who knows what they’re talking about and will constantly be on your suppliers’ backs. (Don’t get me wrong through, there are some truly amazing suppliers out there too).

4. Logistical errors
Going back to my previous point, when thinking about logistics, suppliers sometimes tend to work out logistics based on their service alone. There’s nothing actually wrong with this because they simply need to ensure they do their job to the best of their ability because that’s what they are being paid to do. However, your planner will look at the logistics of all of your suppliers and will tell you what will work and what will not. Remember, your planner’s job is to ensure the day is a success overall. Both timings and floor-plans come into play here and that’s why I always produce my own sheets that are sent out to all suppliers, because I know what works based on experience.

5. Bad budget management
Let’s face it, brides and grooms have a tendency to spend, spend and spend when it comes to their wedding. But on the opposite side of the spectrum there are those couples who try and save money by spending on the wrong items. Either way, at Carriages, couples don’t need to worry about over spending. They simply give me their end figure and I will put together their ideal day based on this number alone.

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