Follow These Easy Steps To Get The Perfect Wedding Makeup Look

I cannot stress the importance of picking the right makeup artist and look for your wedding day. Let’s be honest, all eyes are going to be on you for most part of the day, and with all the camera lenses pointed in your direction too, you’re going to want to ensure you look your very best. The secret to looking and feeling fabulous is confidence and you’re only going to feel confident if you hire trusted professionals for your big day.

Don’t be afraid to ask around and speak to other brides about the experiences they’ve had. If you’ve got your very own wedding planner then that’s an added bonus as he or she will know exactly who works for you, but if not, here are a few things you should be taking into consideration as suggested by professional makeup artist and hair stylist Manisha Champaneri.

Wedding Makeup Look
1. Start With Skincare
Good makeup application starts with a good skincare regime. You can’t just simply apply any type of moisturiser on your face, it needs to be right for your skin type. Unless your skin is very, very dry opt for a light, oil-free moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated and help create the perfect base for your makeup. A small amount of eye cream is fine if needed, along with some lip balm.

Approximately eight out of 10 brides don’t know their actual skin type, which is why one of my first steps in any trial is to investigate the bride’s skin type to ensure I fully understand which type of makeup will work best. I also provide a recommended list of skincare products and rituals, which can be used right up until the wedding day, on the honeymoon and thereafter to ensure the skin is left feeling great every day.

2. Foundation Is Key
Using the correct foundation with the correct application method is an absolute must. If this is right then everything else will fall into place and look amazing. Get this wrong, and it can be a complete disaster. It’s important to invest in a good foundation because you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

My go to foundation is from MAC Cosmetics as they have 14 different formulas with 45 plus shades, which means I know my bride’s skin is going to look flawless and not cakey, which is every bride and makeup artist’s worst nightmare.

3. Touch Ups Are A Must
Even though your makeup artist will do everything in his or her power to ensure you look perfect, there’s literally nothing you can do to avoid some basic lipstick wear or slight unwanted shine on the nose as the day goes on. I always provide my brides with a full kit of essentials including:

– A swatch of the lipstick colour
– Pressed powder (to ensure no oily t-zone for photos)
– Cotton buds (to tidy up around the eye area as tissues are a big NO NO)

4. Waterproof Your Eyes
Many women think that waterproof mascara is their only waterproof option when it comes to eye makeup, however there are a whole range of other products out there. These include waterproof eyeliners (pencil, liquid and gel), specific eyeshadow primers, eyeshadow paints, sticks and bases, all of which help create stunning eyes, along with a look that won’t budge once applied.

5. Pick The Perfect Lip Colour
Just like your foundation, you need to choose a lipstick, which not only complements your look, but which works with the dynamics of your natural lip tone and texture. For example, if you’re prone to dry lips then unless you’ve fully prepped beforehand (i.e lip exfoliation, moisture and primer) avoid matte finish lipsticks.

As a guide I always tend to go for shades that compliment your blush. So, if your blush is more of a coral tone then go for a coral lipstick. The same rule applies for all tones. If you’re going for a stronger colour then go for softer and more natural eyes to avoid looking like a bridal doll. With Indian brides in particular, it’s important to ensure that any lip colours used don’t make the teeth look more yellow.

To discuss your bridal look in more depth email Manisha at or call 07773 395 854. You can also view more of her work by clicking here.

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