How To Choose The Right Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is at the top of the wish list for most couples. With guest expectations getting higher and budgets climbing up year upon year, brides and grooms are starting to recognise that hiring a planner is an essential investment for the day to run perfectly as planned.

However, the difficulty often lies in finding the right planner. How do you know who is a right fit for you? Well, to make things easier I’ve put together a very quick checklist. Read on….


1. Comfort
You need to feel comfortable with your wedding planner. If you feel scared or frightened to approach them or ask them a question then he or she is not the right person for you. In fact this applies to all wedding suppliers. Comfort is a big thing because you need to ensure these people have your best interest at heart and understand what you really want as they will be representing you and your family on the day.

2. Honesty
Is your planner honest from the get go? If you feel at any point your planner is hiding things from you and going behind your back then he or she is not the one for you. Similarly if you feel the need to go behind your planner’s back then you are not going to get the most of my this service. Planners are efficient and resourceful, but will end up wasting time clearing up your mess if you hold things back.

3. Testimonials
Read your wedding planner’s testimonials very carefully. Whether it’s on Facebook, Google, wedding forums or even word of mouth, pay very close attention. If you’re not getting positive feedback then it is an immediate warning sign. A good wedding planner will feel confident enough to let you speak with a previous client beforehand to ensure you have a good level of trust and understanding before you book.

4. Social Media
This is a big one! A professional company will have a good presence on social media. This means regular updates along with prompt replies via any of their social media platforms. If a company hasn’t posted for a long time then it may mean they have been busy, but it may also mean that they aren’t working in the industry on a regular basis, which means they may not be as efficient as others.

5. Cost
Do your research and find out what the average wedding planner is charging. If someone is charging a price that seems to good to be true then it probably is. Be wary of anyone under charging as it could mean they may not be offering the service you’re looking for. Quality comes at a price and it’s important that you are aware of this from the start.

6. Branding
Be sure to visit your wedding planning company at their offices to get a feel for the brand. Take note of their space, environment and location and pay attention to the vibes that you get. Also look at their website and marketing collateral as this will give you a good idea of how they portray themselves, as they will be representing you on one of the biggest days of your life.

7. Responsiveness
Customer service is key in the wedding industry. You want someone who is available through multiple methods of communication, but also someone who is quick to respond. There’s nothing worse than having to wait days on end for someone to get back to you especially as it gets closer to your wedding day.

8. Services
Look closely at what is included in the service package and if you are going to have to pay for any extras. As a minimum you will be expecting your wedding planner to come out for a venue site visit and have at least one face-to-face meeting with you as a couple. In addition to this, you want to ensure there isn’t a limit on the hours of assistance you get. With the average wedding taking 250 hours to plan, you’ll be eating into your hours thick and fast.


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