How To Choose The Right DJ For Your Wedding Reception

Music is one of the most important aspects of any wedding reception party, which means it’s crucial to have the right DJ. Your guests will be expecting at least a good two-to-three hours of non stop dancing and them having a great time on the dance floor is largely dependent on the person behind the decks. I’ve teamed up with international DJ Kailash Karia from Platinum Sounds to find out exactly what couples should be looking out for when it comes to hiring their music provider.

1. Music Knowledge
It’s essential that your DJ has a varied knowledge of music. Whether it’s Bollywood, Bhangra, R&B or Old Classics, your guests will want to hear a blend of different tracks and Platinum Sounds prides itself on catering a wide range of music to suit all audiences. The company even has a wide range of celebrity artists available for bookings, including Stormzy, Lisa Maffia (So Solid Crew), Wstrn, Ironik and others.

2. Testimonials
One of the first things you should do is look at the company’s testimonials. Check out Facebook, Google, wedding websites and speak to industry suppliers as well as other brides and grooms who may have worked with them. You will get a real understanding of whether or not this is the type of DJ you want at your event or not. Click here to see a testimonial for Platinum Sounds by celebrity businesswoman Melody Hossaini.

3. Set up
A good DJ company will not just provide great music, but will provide a great set up too. Whether your budget is £500 or £5,000, there will be something for each price range. At Platinum Sounds they have a number of varied set ups which are suitable for smaller and larger venues. Whether you want multiple screens, special effects for your first dance, fancy booths, dance floors or extra lighting, they can do it all.

4. Communication
Planning a wedding is always stressful for the bride and groom. You need a supplier who is reliable and who you can get hold of. Whether it’s by email, text, phone or face-to-face you need to ensure the team is available to speak to. It is also essential that you communicate directly with the DJ who will be present on the night. Kailash and his team like to speak with their clients, conducts site visits and arrange numerous meetings if necessary, to ensure everything is covered from start to finish.

5. Matching Taste
Every bride and groom have their own unique music choice. Not only do you need to feel comfortable with the DJ on the night, but you need to ensure that he or she relates to your taste of music. If for example, you want 90s-themed Bollywood night and your DJ is unaware of who Govinda is, then you may need to ask for someone else or opt for a different company. Platinum Sounds will take on all your music requests –  all you need to do is ask.

6. Full Of Ideas
Not all couples have a wide music knowledge which means they will rely heavily on their DJ to give them song suggestions. Make sure you go with someone that can give you song suggestions for various different points throughout the evening such as your entrance, cake cutting and first dance. To add a unique feel to your event Platinum Sounds regularly creates exclusive remixes requested by the bride and groom.

7. Passionate
One of the biggest decision-makers for you will be seeing how passionate the company is. If you’re working with someone who loves what they’re doing it will be evident from the word go, and means you are likely to feel happier and satisfied with the service. Platinum Sounds employs the very best DJs, technicians and event planners who are thoroughly experienced in the wedding industry.

8. Flexible
It’s important to understand the level of flexibility you have with your supplier. Figure out key things like whether or not it’s okay to make any changes to set ups and timings. Will there be an additional cost for add ons like lighting and LED dance floors if required? These are things you need to know from the start and you should really go with someone who enables you to make small subtle changes along the way. What you think you want now, may not be what you want in a year’s time.

To book a professional DJ or AV equipment for your wedding reception contact Kailash Karia on 07971 309 200 or email Click here to find out more about the company’s services. 

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