You Cannot Have A Destination Wedding Without These 7 Things

A destination wedding is on the wish list for many couples and I can completely see why. With so many gorgeous locations in the world the possibilities are endless and let’s not forget about the great weather as an added bonus. However, while the prospect of getting married abroad can be exciting, it’s easy to get carried away and often forget about other important finer details. Here are some important factors you need to consider:

1. Send out save the dates
A lot of your guests will probably need to book holidays from work far in advance and so the sooner you let them know your wedding dates, the better. It’s a good idea to send out your save the dates as soon as you know your dates and have secured rooms on allocation with your venue. You don’t need to wait until you figure out the finer details such as timings. This means your guests can at least secure their holidays and start to make plans and look into flights.

2. Hire a wedding planner
It is absolutely impossible to have a wedding abroad without a planner. Trust me when I tell you that you physically will not have the time to source every supplier and go through floor plans, menu choices and liaise with the hotel staff. You need someone to take charge of this for you and it will be your wedding planner. While many hotels have an onsite event coordinator, do not mistake this for a planner. It is also important that you go with a company that has experience of dealing with a large number of guests and Asian weddings in particular. With experience in planning weddings overseas, my dedicated team will be able to plan your event to perfection. Get in touch with me by clicking here.

3. Be aware of absent guests
It’s important for you to remember that not all of your guests will be able to travel to your wedding. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you, but just that they have other circumstances preventing them from doing so, such as health and finance. If there is a particular individual who you wouldn’t consider having your wedding abroad without, be sure to speak to them beforehand to ensure they can attend.

4. Think about money
It goes without saying, but your budget will largely impact where and when you get married. For example, if you have a larger budget you may be able to travel further out, whereas if you have a smaller budget, somewhere in Europe may be more fitting. You also need to think about the time of year you are getting married as peak seasons will always be more expensive. Think about your guests and what they can and cannot afford. For example, flights to Bali or Thailand will of course cost them more than Barcelona or Malta.

5. Ensure there is some free time
Though the main reason your guests are flying overseas is to be a part of your wedding, you should take into consideration that they may also like to double up the celebration with a holiday. It’s always nice to give your guests a bit of free time during the day so they can explore the local sights. If your numbers allow, you can even organise a trip for everyone to explore the area together, or you could perhaps book in a fun activity. This generally goes down well with guests.

6. Embrace local culture
You should be a fan of embracing the local culture if you decide to get married abroad. This means incorporating local music, food or décor into your events. There’s no point being in Italy if you’re going to serve your guests Indian curry every night and so on. Use the location to your advantage, as this is what will make your wedding special and unique.

7. Have a backup plan
Though one of the main reasons you will be planning to have a destination wedding is so you can take advantage of the great weather, you have to also plan for the worst case scenario – and yes this does mean planning for bad weather. You must ensure there is some kind of contingency plan, if it were to rain or if it becomes extremely windy or too hot for your guests. This is why picking the right venue is absolutely crucial.

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