Are You Guilty Of Committing These 7 Sins of Wedding Planning?

Whether you’ve just got engaged and started wedding planning, know a family member who is tying the knot, or celebrated your own wedding years ago, these seven sins are definitely something most people can relate to. The key is to know about them before you dive straight into planning and remind yourself not to get sucked in when you feel a negative energy taking over.

Here are seven things you definitely need to watch out for:

One of the first things you’ll probably do when you get engaged is to set up a Pinterest board and start pinning everything your heart desires. Although Pinterest is a great platform for initial ideas and inspiration, remember what you see on Pinterest is a finished product without the price tag. Even though suppliers may be able to replicate details from an image you show them, it may not always be possible or it may not fall within your budget, which can often lead to disappointment. So, don’t fall into this trap and start wishing for things you never knew you wanted (or really need).

Quality will always come above quantity so remember not to over estimate on every detail. Whether it is the number of items on the dinner or dessert menu to how big your centrepieces need to be, don’t forget less is always more and just as effective.

Don’t make demands for what you want for your big day. Every wedding will come with a different price tag and this will determine what will be achievable and what will not. Prioritise the essentials in line with your budget before you get carried away, to ensure there’s enough cash left for the smaller details.

Whether you’re finalising suppliers or taking care of the finer details, wedding planning is a tough job. I understand when you say you need some time out for a day or two, but don’t be that laid back couple who starts to miss important deadlines. For example, you don’t want to be finalising your seating plan on the day of the wedding (I’ve seen this happen) or stressing over your set up. Hire a wedding planner to ensure you stay on top of your wedding planning game and don’t let either yourself or your partner down.

Never forget how much support your family (and friends) will be giving you during your wedding planning journey. Don’t lash out at your parents or siblings who will want nothing but the best for your big day, and will go out of their way to ensure your dream becomes a reality. I understand this can be hard if you come from a big family where everyone has an opinion, but remember their intentions will always be good. If you are the bride (or groom) and moving out of your family home after marriage, you’ll end up with a lot of regret if you spend your last few months at home doing nothing but arguing with your loved ones.

You’ll probably have been a guest at another wedding prior to your big day, but whatever happens, do not compare your day to theirs. Every wedding is completely different, right down from the food to the theme. Don’t feel pressured or insecure about your wedding not being up to standard. Remember, your day is about you and your partner and it’s own originality will be what makes the day special and memorable.

When it comes to making important decisions for your big day remember to listen to your wedding planner and suppliers. Even if they do not agree with something you think will work stylistically or logistically, remember they have been in the industry for many years and will only advise what is best. If you choose to ignore these warnings from your planner or supplier then you may be disappointed on the day when things do not go to plan as predicted. Utilise their expertise and experiences and don’t let your pride get in the way. Your wedding planner and suppliers will be the only other people who are just as invested in your day as much as you are.

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