We often find our couples in a bit of a pickle about what to offer to their guests as a favour. They know they want to give out something, they just can’t seem to decide on exactly what. You see, no bride wants her carefully thought-out wedding favours forgotten or left behind, and long gone are the days of thanking your guests with organza bags filled with sugar-coated almonds (yikes!). These days, anything goes, but remember to choose something that is in keeping with your theme, reflects your personality and will be adored by your guests. To help you make this all-important decision we’ve handpicked 5 of our favourite wedding favour alternatives to give you some inspiration.


1. Lollipop macaroons


Fun, colourful and delicious – everyone loves macaroons. Choose from a selection of flavours and colours to suit your theme and present with a customised sleeve to add a bit of personality. Perfect for any couple looking for a sophisticated, yet nonchalant wedding favour.


2. Mix-tapes


Remember waaaaaaaaay back to the mix-tape days? Create a CD of your favourite songs that tells your story as a couple or memories of your single days for your guests to take away. This gift will be sure to leave your friends and family reminiscing of all those good times. The key to this favour is all in the presentation – go one step beyond the plastic cover and design your very own pretty music label that works with your style.


3. A bit of bubbly


Miniature bottles of champagne – it would be rude to say no! Spoil your guests with a bit of sparkle and they will obsess over these for the entire night. Pop-open these miniatures during the speeches making it the most luxurious favour of them all.


4. Lego men and women


A personal favourite of ours! Whether your bridesmaid reminds you of Wonder Woman or your best man is Darth Vader obsessed, there’s a Lego man (or woman) for all your guests. A truly thought-out wedding favour that can reflect each guest’s personality, both adults and children will love this.


5. Midnight snack


Who doesn’t love wedding favours that involve food? Once the dinner has been served, the bar emptied and the last song of the night played, treat all your guests with a midnight snack hamper before they leave. They’ll need it after showing off all their moves on the dance floor. Ideal for couples wanting something practical yet delicious.


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