9 Tips For Picking The Right Hindu Wedding Priest

Good Hindu wedding priests are always in huge demand because it is difficult to get things spot on during the ceremony. I’ve had couples who have gone on to book their priest before they’ve even chosen their venue because that’s how much of a major decision it is. I often do a lot of work with Hemang Bhatt as I find he ticks all the boxes on my clients’ lists. However, if you’ve not attended a lot of Hindu weddings, or perhaps aren’t very religious then you may be struggling to identify which qualities you should be looking for in your priest. So, here’s a very quick checklist:

1. Comfort
It’s important that you feel comfortable with your chosen priest and not afraid. A good priest will calmly explain all the details to you, answering any questions you may have without dictating dos and don’ts. If you feel like you cannot ask your priest a question, then he is not the right one for you.

2. Organisation
Any wedding industry professional knows how important prior meetings are to ensure there is no confusion on the wedding day. Hemang Bhatt offers complimentary consultations to all of his clients and provides them with a full comprehensive list of anything they will need on the day.

3. Punctuality
You need to have complete peace of mind knowing your priest will turn up and just get on with the job. A good priest will arrive with plenty of time to spare to ensure all of the ceremony items have been checked and any family members have been briefed about their roles.

4. Bespoke
No two weddings should ever be the same, because no two couples are the same. Your ceremony needs to be tailored to you. Yes, there are going to be some vital religious elements that need to be kept the same, but other smaller details like the groom’s arrival or the bride’s arrival is based on individual preference. So ensure you can do things the way you like.

5. Music
This actually plays a very important role in a Hindu wedding ceremony. Something that I particularly love about a Hemang Bhatt wedding ceremony is that a lot of the songs are specific to the respective families and feature the couple’s individual names. This level of personalisation is quite rare and unique, however definitely worth splurging on as it’s something that will be remembered.

6. Polite
More and more couples are opting to have silent ceremonies, which is great, as people can enjoy and understand the ceremony. However, under no circumstance should your priest be rude to your guests in order to gain control of the crowd. This should be done in a polite and courteous manner as you have invited these people to be a part of your special day. Ensure your chosen priest can control the crowd and does not irritate them.

7. English
If you are going to have English-speaking guests attend the wedding and cannot understand Gujarati or Hindi yourself, then you may look to hire a priest who can converse with you in English to ensure you are being instructed correctly, and you also understand what is happening on the day.

8. Recommendation
It is important to go with a priest who is not only recommended by other couples, but who is recommended by industry suppliers as well as this means they are definitely doing a good job. Be wary of anyone who does not have any testimonials or who refuses to let you speak to previous clients. See some of Hemang Bhatt’s work here.

9. Communication
Communication prior to the wedding is just as important as communication on the wedding day. Can you get hold of your priest to answer your questions? Whether it’s on the phone or via email you need to be able to get hold of him during the lead up as you will need to liaise with him for various reasons. If you end up opting for someone who you cannot get hold of, this will only lead to you feeling stressed and anxious.

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