8 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Big Fat Indian Wedding

The cost of a wedding can add up rapidly, particularly if you’re having a traditional ceremony followed by a grand evening reception. While many couples think more is more, the truth is, I believe in the philosophy that less is more. Sure, there are some things you are absolutely going to have to spend good money on; like your venue and caterer, but there are also some super smart ways to save cost. Here’s a quick list:

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1. Cake
You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the cake. Sometimes the simpler the cake, the more elegant it looks. Many supermarkets have even started to offer a good in-house range including the likes of M&S and Waitrose. You can have two small tiers and then purchase one big back-of-house slab for your guests if need be.

2. Double Up
You can definitely double-up on certain items during the celebrations. For example, fresh florals used for the mandap aisle way pedestals in the morning can easily be reused as table centrepieces in the evening if your colour scheme is similar. Favours can also be used as place cards so you’re not printing two lots of stationery.

3. Alcohol
Avoid an open bar. This doesn’t mean you won’t be providing any alcohol for your guests, it just means you can keep things simple by providing beers, wines and a personalised cocktail or two. You can then give your guests the option of purchasing anything additional.

4. Avoid Saturday
At many venues you will be paying a premium for a Saturday wedding so try and avoid this if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re having an evening reception only then Friday isn’t a bad choice or if it’s a full day of celebrations then there’s nothing wrong with wrapping up slightly earlier on a Sunday, as people will be exhausted anyway.

5. Less Tech
Let’s be honest we live in a technology-driven world, but this does not mean you have to have lots of tech at your wedding. There are lots of optional extras you will be told about from the likes of your photographer and DJ, but trust me when I say you don’t always need them. Only pay for things if you know what they actually do and don’t be afraid to go back to basics.

6. Suppliers
The more items you purchase from one supplier the less expensive it will be for you. Don’t find multiple to people provide individual items, as the cost of admin and delivery will soon stack up – not to mention the additional headache. For example, try and get your décor team to provide not only your decor, but your florals, linen and lighting too so you can negotiate a more reasonable rate.

7. Wedding Planner
One thing wedding planners are amazing at is ensuring you stick to your budget. They know what’s worth spending money on and what isn’t. They also know exactly how much a supplier should be charging you – so if they’re giving you some advice then make sure you listen.

8. Table Size
The bigger your tables, the more people you can fit round them, which means the less tables you need overall. This can definitely help to save you costs as it means you’ll require less centerpieces, less linen, less stationery, less serving bowls for the table and so on. Group your guests strategically to make this happen, and try to use 6fts if you can.

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