8 Key Wedding Planning Tips

Planning your wedding is going to be both time consuming and extremely difficult (unless you have a planner on board). There are plenty of things you should be aware of when organising your special day and though I can’t list them all on a blog post, I can certainly point you in the right direction.

1. Research your date
Does your wedding date clash with any major sporting events? Is it a time of year when most people are likely to be abroad on holiday? Will there be any local events that cause any roads near your venue to be blocked? All these things need to be taken into account.

2. Take recommendations seriously
There is a reason most wedding suppliers recommend others and despite what you may believe, it’s not because they receive a cash incentive. All wedding suppliers want to ensure the day runs smoothly because being associated with a great event, leads to great testimonials. It only takes one bad supplier to ruin it for everyone, so listen to those referrals when they come along.

3. Know your numbers
You absolutely must have an idea of the approximate number of guests at your wedding. If not, there’s no point starting to plan because you won’t know which venue will be suitable and you won’t be able to budget for things like food and décor which are all dependant on the number of people you have. There are some fixed costs like photography and DJ but on the whole you’re only asking for trouble if you start planning without those figures.

4. Keep a trail
Whether it’s an email trail, text or physical letters, if you’re making any changes to any contracts then be sure to have it in writing so if any supplier ever questions you then you can hold your own. Not every supplier is out to get you, but sometimes they can genuinely forget if they’ve promised you a little something extra.

5. Get some help
You are not going to be running the wedding day because you’re going to be busy getting married. If you haven’t hired a planner then you’re going to have to think very carefully about who to put in charge. Whoever this person is, take them along to your supplier meetings and ensure they know who everyone is on the day so that there are no screw ups.

6. Think about your guests
While this seems to fall down the priority list for many brides and grooms, I’m here to remind you that your guests’ needs should be at the very top of your list. Ensure they are comfortable at all times and that they have enough food and drink. They will after all, in many instances, be coming from afar to be a part of your celebrations.

7. Always have a backup
Think about the weather carefully and the time of the year you’re getting married. Don’t choose a venue which requires your guests to walk across a wet, muddy field in heels. Similarly, don’t expect your guest to sit through an outdoor ceremony in the scorching heat. Think about the weather and plan accordingly and remember to always have a back-up plan ready.

8. Know your budget
Always know what you’re prepared to spend before you start contacting suppliers. There’s no point getting a quote from a DJ you know is going to charge £5k when the maximum you want to spend is £1k. Be realistic and know your limits. It will save you a lot of time in the long run.


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