7 Wedding Trends Set To Take Over In 2018

A new year means new wedding trends. Now you may have seen some of these make a tiny appearance in 2017, but trust me when I say they are set to take over in 2018. Like with any other industry, the wedding industry continues to change and evolve year upon year and if it’s time for you to get married, then you’ll surely want to see how you can stay ahead of the game and be a trendsetter, rather than be that person who appears to be stuck in a time warp. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to incorporate all of these ideas into your big day – as your wedding should be personal to you! However, it is important to know what your guests might be expecting…

In no particular order…

1. Dessert experiences
Say goodbye to cake and hello to an array of other delicious desserts. You can go for something comforting, something fun, something sophisticated or even something messy – just make it memorable! How bored are you of eating gajar halwa and gulab jamun at weddings or seeing the same old dessert stations at the end of the night?! This lack of enthusiasm for such repetitive items will be the way your guests will feel if you end up serving them the same. Think rocky roads, s’mores, gelato or some exciting fusion flavours and so on…

2. Less extravagant centrepieces
There was a time when I would go into meetings and brides and grooms would tell me that they want the largest centrepieces I can find (or they can afford). I’m thrilled to report that this look is well and truly over. The stylish couples of 2018 will be opting for a more well thought out and DIY-style centrepieces (though they won’t physically be D-I-Y-ing themselves). Smaller items grouped together will be more prominent and it’s something I’m ready to cheer about as I strongly believe that less is more.

3. Single-style bars
By this I mean couples will be looking at creating a lounge area for guests to enjoy particular types of drinks. For example, whisky and bourbon is set to take centre stage, though others may be more inclined to opt for gin and tonic, champagne or prosecco bars. This will add a touch of sophistication and possibly even glamour to your event depending on how you style it. So add that wow factor and impress your guests.

4. Intimate weddings
Numbers are going to continue to drop for weddings – even with Asian weddings! Couples want to spoil the guests who are actually invited and with costs per guest increasing, they are looking to keep their event small and limited to those who really matter. With destination weddings also on the rise, it makes perfect sense for numbers to drop.

5. Live music
Here’s another trend I’m excited to shout about. You will start to see more live music at events. Though I don’t think couples will be saying goodbye to DJs completely – the DJ set will be reserved to the final hour or so of the wedding reception. Whether it’s a jazz singer during the drinks reception or a full band for the rest of the night, both couples and guests will enjoy the added interaction and entertainment that only comes with a live band. Brides and grooms will also be looking to have instrumentalists and/or live singers for their Indian religious ceremony.

6. Vintage weddings
While we live in the digital age and clearly have a soft spot for all things flashy and electronic, it appears that in 2018 couples are going to be looking back to the old world for their wedding inspiration. Think warmer, deeper colours, softer furnishings and different textures layered up to create a classic look and finish. Though whimsical and florals will still be around, I don’t see them being as prominent as they were in 2017.

7. Pantone colour of the year
This year’s colour is Ultra Violet so get ready to see plenty of this shade at weddings. Of course there is a slight worry that your event may end up looking like an endorsement for Cadbury if you get the styling wrong, so be sure to consult a wedding designer if you really want to create a  statement look. My Pearl wedding package is perfect for those couples who want to be right on trend.

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