7 Wedding Food Mistakes You Must Avoid

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, food is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. Get the food right and your guests will be raving about your day. Get the food wrong and you will have some rather hangry guests on your hands. So keeping this in mind, here are a few foodie mistakes I suggest you carefully avoid:

Photo credit: crossculturalnj.com

Photo credit: crossculturalnj.com

1. Not enough choice
Remember you will most likely have a lot of guests at your wedding, all of whom will have different food preferences. Just be sure that you cater for any specific dietary requirements. For example, if you know that the majority of your guests are vegetarian then make sure there’s more than one food choice for every meal for them to choose from.

2. Messy foods
Weddings are fancy affairs which means everyone is going to be dressed to impress showing off their best outfits. The last thing they need is food dribbling down on their clothes or splattering everywhere. If you’re serving canapés ensure these are neat and clean and don’t create too much mess, whereas mains should be as hassle free to eat as possible to avoid messy hands.

3. Boring menu
Imagine going to wedding after wedding, week after week and being forced to eat the same thing every weekend. It’s a nightmare, right? Many of your guests will be in this situation, so try and offer them something a little different. For example, if you want to stick with one paneer dish then opt for a palak paneer instead of a tikka masala.

4. Tasteless
Everyone’s tastebuds will be different which means it’s almost impossible to cater for them all. However, you can always mix things up a little bit. For example you may want to opt for one sweet and sour dish and then another spicy dish, while keeping a completely mild option available as well. Not only should each dish taste different, but it should stand out visually too.

5. Not enough food
Though sometimes people can go overboard and offer too much to their guests, this is better than not offering enough. It’s standard practice to always offer at least a choice of two-to-three vegetarian dishes, and if you’re having meat than a choice of two meat dishes too. Ensure you have sufficient members of staff to serve your items so they arrive fresh and hot. One of the biggest faux pas at events is during the drinks reception when there aren’t enough canapés circulating and guests are hunting for extra food.

6. Inappropriate crockery and cutlery
If you’re getting married in a five-star location then everything else needs to match. This means no disposable cutlery or crockery for breakfast and lunch, as it sets a different kind of tone for your event. Think about the type of expectations you would have as a guest and act accordingly.

7. Cold food
It’s important to adhere to service times strictly in a bid to avoid cold food being served. If you have a wedding planner then he or she will ensure this will not happen. If for any reason food service does have to be pushed back then they will notify the catering team with advance notice to ensure that food has not been plated left sitting out for a long period of time, before going out to the tables.

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