7 Ways To Bond With Your Father-In-Law

It’s Father’s Day this coming Sunday, which makes it the perfect time for you to start bonding with your father-in-law (if you haven’t done so already). Your partner’s parents are going to play a very important role in your life and your relationship, so it’s essential that you at least learn to get along or better yet, go on to become the best of friends.

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Here’s some quick advice for anyone who may be struggling:

1. Make him feel special
With it being father’s day, make sure you buy your father-in-law some sort of gift. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but just something that shows you care and shows he has an important place in your life. If you’re on a budget perhaps ask what his favourite meal is and test out your culinary skills. He’ll appreciate the gesture – I’m sure of it!

2. Find a common interest
If you find something you both love doing together then you’ll both be bonding in no time. It also means there won’t be any interruptions from other family members – remember Raj feeding those pigeons in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge? So whether it’s playing a sport, gardening or meditating, find your thing and start spending some quality time together.

3. Ask for his advice
This will make your father-in-law feel important and also show him that you respect him. Maybe you have a work dilemma or want to know how to behave with certain new members of your extended family, simply ask what he would do and I’m sure he’ll start talking away. After all, if you’d ask your own dad for advice then why not him?

4. Eat together
You know what they say; a family that dines together stays together. Meal times are important and regardless of whether you’re living with your in-laws or not you can always pop over, or invite them over for dinner. You get to know a lot about someone’s likes and dislikes over dinner and it’s the best time to get a good conversation flowing.

5. Get him to help you
Whether you need a lift to work or some general DIY doing – call him! (Providing he can do what you ask). People love to feel useful and your father-in-law will take great pride in knowing that you came to him when you needed help. If he knows he has a useful place in your life, he will feel a lot happier.

6. Respect his opinions
Even if you both have different political views or support opposing football teams, simply take things on the chin and don’t argue. Respect that his views are different to yours and try and get your point across in a dignified manner. You never know, he may even respect you for being able to stand your ground.

7. Compliment him
Don’t sound too over the top or fake, but try and find some genuine things you like about your father-in-law and don’t be shy about complimenting him. If you don’t know where to start then how about commending him on the great job he’s done with raising his son or daughter (the person you’re marrying). Talk about the things you admire in your other half, as any parent loves hearing compliments about their child.



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