7 Things That Only Your Wedding Planner Will Tell You

wedding plannersHaving a wedding planner has become the norm. In fact, for many couples it’s as crucial as having a caterer or a decor company because your wedding planner is your gateway to finding everyone else.

You might think that everyone is interested in talking about your wedding just as much as you, but truthfully they’re really not. So no matter how much you want to call your best friend up and share your wedding planning details with her, you’ll actually find that on most ocassions it will be your wedding planner on the other end of the line when you’re looking for a sympathetic ear.

But that’s not all, there are certain truths the rest of the world might be afraid to tell you, which your wedding planner will not shy away from. Here are my top 7 examples:

1. You have unrealistic expectations
When you go to visit industry suppliers and talk through your vision and expectations, the next thing they’ll ask you about is your budget. Even if everything’s not in sync a lot of suppliers will beat around the bush and try not to offend you by saying they will try and work with what you’ve quoted (even though it means you will be getting something very different to what your expect), but your wedding planner will tell you straight up that if you’re looking for champagne on a beer budget, it’s just not going to happen.

2. Your wedding is not ‘classy’
Unless you have a specific theme in mind, it’s fair to say most brides will want a ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ affair. However, not everyone is a stylist and therefore it’s difficult for some people to visualise their big day and choose the right centerpieces or florals, for example. With a wealth of experience, your wedding planner will be your ultimate style guru and show you what works and what doesn’t.

3. You’re being ripped off
There are so many amazing suppliers in the industry who are genuine and work super hard. But, there are also a few lurking around who will do anything to make a few extra pounds. If you’re being quoted an excessive amount for something which doesn’t sound right, then your wedding planner will know from a mile off as he or she knows exactly what things cost. Of course, if you go with their trusted suppliers in the first place, then this is probably never going to happen.

4. You’re wasting your time
If you’re the kind of person who feels the need to look at every option before making a decision, then investing in a wedding planner is the best gift you could have ever give yourself. He or she will give you a list of the very best in the industry within your budget so you don’t need to look at 10 different suppliers, meaning you can narrow down your choices from say a top three. Wedding planning is time consuming and if you suggest a supplier your wedding planner knows is not workable, then he or she will just make you aware that your meeting is going to be a waste of time.

5. You’re worrying unnecessarily
If yours is the first wedding in the family then it’s normal to feel cautious and worry about the tiniest of details. But, having someone on your side who has years of industry experience means you don’t need to do that! Your wedding day is going to be absolutely perfect and even if there are a few hiccups (which there usually are) you and your family won’t notice a thing because everything will be taken care of.

6. Your wedding day is not about showing off
While everyone else will give you their opinions and tell you what you should be having, your wedding planner will give you a constant reminder that your wedding day should be about you and your partner. It is a day to celebrate the love you share. You should not be looking to go over the top (unless it’s something you personally like) or feel pressured into choosing the latest industry trend just because that’s what everyone else is having.

7. Your timings don’t work
While it’s often normal for couples to have a rough indication of timings for their ceremony, food service and photographs etc, things will always change when a wedding planner gets involved. Things like supplier turnaround timings have to be taken into consideration along with extra time for guests and the couple to get changed in between events, or time for the music band / DJ to set up. There are so many things that take place behind the scene, making it pretty easy for couples to slip up unless a professional is taking charge.


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