7 Things All Guests Hate At Indian Weddings

Your wedding day is a significant moment in your life, so you need to make sure you soak up every single second. While your nearest and dearest are probably thrilled that you’ve found your happily ever after, they on the other hand may have spent their entire summer attending wedding after wedding, and may not be feeling as excited about every aspect of the day as you’d hoped.

It’s my job as your wedding planner to be brutally honest with you, so here’s presenting 7 things all guests hate at Indian weddings…

1. Long ceremonies
Your wedding ceremony is arguably one of the most important parts of the day, but in reality, for the large part of it your guests are barely involved. Dragging out the ceremony and making it longer than necessary (especially if your guests have to sit in silence) is not ideal as they are going to be fed up before the day has even started.

2. No nearby parking
Everyone loves attending weddings at stunning venues, however if they are having to walk a long distance to get to, or around the venue, then they will not be impressed. Long distance walking in heels is not a good idea and though it may be fine at the start of the night, it’s certainly not going to be fine after a few drinks and three hours of non stop dancing.

3. Bad food
I can’t say this enough; one of the best ways to impress your guests is to ensure the food is spot on. Some of your guests will be arriving on site from 8am and will not be leaving till after midnight so not only is it essential to ensure you’re serving great food, but you need to ensure there is enough food and drink being circulated throughout the day (particularly if it’s a hot day).

4. Nowhere to relax
It’s very common for a wedding and reception to take place on the same day, which usually means the main suite or room needs to be turned around. You need to be prepared for the fact that not all your guests will be staying on site if there are rooms, and not all your guests will have booked nearby accommodation, which means they will be on site for around three hours with nothing to do. Make sure there is at least some sort of holding area where they can sit down and ideally grab a cup of tea or coffee. There’s nothing worse than people having to wait outdoors or in their cars if the weather is bad.

5. Too much entertainment
You’re probably thinking how is it possible to have too much entertainment, right? Well, it really is. Too many speeches, dance performances and interactive games where guests are forced to sit still and pay attention in the evening will not be impressive. All your guests really want at the end of the day is to grab a beer and have a boogie on the dance floor. Don’t try too hard. Just take it easy and let the event flow naturally.

6. Queues
Now this isn’t just specific to weddings, but is also applicable to everyday life. Think about when you’re at the supermarket or the cinema or in a shop. No one likes to queue ever. Not when they want to get a drink, not when they want to get their dessert and certainly not when they want to get into the venue. Make sure you work with your wedding planner to iron out all timings and floor plans to avoid such disasters.

7. No direction
One of the worst things that can happen at a wedding is when your guests have no idea what’s going on. If there is no one ushering your guests or making announcements then it is very likely that this is going to happen. If you have a large venue with multiple rooms without sufficient help or signage then guests are also likely to get lost and will not be aware of event timings. Try and keep things self contained or ensure you have professional help to guide your guests on the day.

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