7 Reasons Why You Need A Toastmaster At Your Wedding

Guest management is one of the key aspects of any wedding, let alone a large Indian wedding. Having a toastmaster is key, and it’s even more beneficial if the toastmaster in question can speak an additional language. For example, even if the majority of your guests will understand English, a few elderly people may only be comfortable with Gujarati or Hindi – which it’s why it’s important to go with someone who is at ease dealing with people of all ages and different backgrounds.

Sonal Shah is a professionally trained toastmaster who specialises in providing a personal service to couples getting married within the London area. She tells me exactly what a toastmaster does and why you shouldn’t be getting married without one!

1. Usher Guests
Asian weddings generally have a large guest list which means it’s harder to control people. A good toastmaster will easily be able to usher your guests from one room to another, which means once breakfast is complete, everyone will automatically be asked to move over to the ceremony room and so on. There’s no time wasted whatsoever. In fact Sonal has attended so many weddings over the years that she can even lend a hand with the ceremony side of things.

2. Manage Entrances
If you’re making a special entrance as a newly married couple then you’ll surely want someone to make an announcement prior to your entry. You’ll probably want all your family members seated at this point and with no guarantee that someone from the venue will be available to do this, it’s important there is someone on hand to do the task required.

3. Answer Questions
Through out the day your guests may have certain questions they may not want to approach immediate family members with. If there is a wedding planner then a lot of people will be seen approaching him or her, however sometimes a wedding planner is busy sorting things out behind the scenes which means it’s useful to have someone on site who knows exactly what’s going on.

4. Avoid Awkwardness
You may think it’s fine to have a family member make any announcements, but sometimes you may have to ask a certain guest to stop talking or to move along and this can be quite difficult for a family member as it can often cause a bit of tension. This is where having a toastmaster becomes really useful as you don’t have to take the blame or feel bad.

5. Get People To Listen
When people are told to do something by someone in a uniform they will generally just do it. A professional toastmaster will generally wear a red coat and hence your guests will know right from the start they’re supposed to listen when instructed to do something by this person.

6. Keep People Informed
If at any points in the day you find people becoming a little bit restless because they’re having to wait around or because they’re unsure of what’s happening, your toastmaster will keep them calm by making an announcement, revealing as little or as much information as you’d like them to.

7. Greet Guests
It’s important when your guests enter your wedding venue that they are greeted with a big smiling face. More often than not this tends to be the parents of the bride and groom. However, they can sometimes get called away for emergencies or get sidetracked if they get cornered by an over chatty guest. The next best thing is to have a toastmaster who can greet people and direct them right away.

For more information or to book Sonal Shah for your event call 0797 607 5043 or email info@sonal-shah.com

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