6 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Theme

It can be daunting picking a theme for your wedding day. There are so many options out there, so how can you ensure you’ve opted for the right one? Well, just in case you’re stuck, here are six quick factors you should be taking into consideration before you give your décor team the go ahead.

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1. Budget
Think carefully about your budget. If you have a shoe-string budget then you will not be able to afford to go with a carnival theme for example, where you’ll need to hire lots of additional extras like performers and entertainment. Do your research and find out how much things cost so you have a realistic vision in mind when you speak to your décor team.

2. Location
Where is your wedding taking place? If it’s in an area with lots of open woodland then a rustic theme will fit perfectly, whereas if it’s in a modern banqueting hall then this won’t look too great. Whatever the theme it needs to match your surroundings so your guests can get the full experience.

3. Season
If you want to have a winter wedding theme then this is best kept to December when a lot of the florals will be in season and you can get hold of other winter items at a cheaper rate. Similarly, if you want to have a cricket theme then this is best kept in summer when you can incorporate a lot of the fresh, bright colours required such as whites, greens and yellows.

4. Time
You need to ensure there is enough set up time available for your décor team if you’re going with a full production. Not all venues will allow early access and if you’re having an event in the morning prior to the evening reception, you need to allow a long enough gap in between if things need to be changed over.

5. Advice
I cannot stress this enough but please listen to the advice of industry professionals because they really do know best. They aren’t conning you or trying to get out of doing extra work, they are simply giving you the heads up to stop things going wrong on the day.

6. Personality
Ensure that your theme reflects your own personality as a couple. There’s no point going for a Bollywood theme if the two of you don’t even have any idea who Shah Rukh Khan is! Get my drift? And please don’t follow the trend. Imagine if you were a guest at five weddings and had to endure the same theme week after week – you aren’t going to be left impressed at all.


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