6 Romantic Ways To Propose To Your Other Half This Valentine’s Day

I love some good old-fashioned romance and so with Valentine’s day just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some proposal ideas with you all. February 14th is actually tipped to be one of the most popular days in the holiday calendar for wedding proposals to take place, so if you’re thinking of doing the same then be sure to have a read below:

1. For the foodies
Who doesn’t love food!? There are so many fun ways to turn your favourite meal or item into a proposal. For example, if she loves pizza then pop the question with her favourite topping(s). You could have a ‘Marry Me?’ shaped doughnut or even hide the question in a fortune cookie. It’s important to be creative but remember not to get messy. No one wants to dig out an expensive diamond ring from a tub of ice cream.

2. For travel enthusiasts
Whether it’s an airplane or a motorbike, if your proposal theme is travel then there are so many ways to get romantic. For example, you could hire a compartment in a vintage train and deck it out with her favourite flowers and candles, or you could serenade her on a private boat along the river. But travel isn’t just about transport, think cities and countries. Is there a place that’s close to your heart, or is there somewhere she’s always wanted to go? Use this to your advantage.

3. For entertainment fans
This is where you get the chance to get really creative. We’ve all read the articles in the press about Friends’ fans proposing on the pop up sets, but what if your other half loves The Crown or Suits, or even the Wizarding World? With so many Harry Potter themed rooms, pubs, and Harry Potter tour locations in the UK, all it takes is a bit of research to create something memorable for your true love.

4. For lovers of luxury
This is where you really need to pull out all the stops. I’m talking fancy dinners, whirlwind city breaks and hot air balloon rides with the very best artisan chocolates and fizz. If your other half appreciates the finer things in life then she will feel loved and special if you treat her to a touch of luxury.

5. For the chilled out
Let’s remember that good old-fashioned romance doesn’t necessarily mean splashing the cash. True love is all about the special moments that are created and these can be at home, in a park or even in the supermarket aisle where you first met and so on. Something as simple as a picnic basket filled with her favourite treats or a treasure hunt leading to the ring can far outweigh a Michelin-starred dinner for some. Think about what makes your partner tick and use this knowledge to make them feel loved and appreciated.

6. For the spontaneous

While some sort of planning is always nice when it comes to a proposal, sometimes a heartfelt confession in the moment is all it takes. You could be taking a stroll in the park, having a homemade dinner on the couch or even driving along a country road listening to your favourite song; and all of a sudden you may have a thought come to mind saying that you want to marry this person beside you. Tell them exactly how you’re feeling right there and watch them melt with happiness.


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