6 Important Wedding Day Logistics Couples Often Forget About

There are many finer details that make up your wedding day, which are often all too easy to forget. This is why so many couples are opting to go down the route of hiring a wedding planner. They understand that having complete peace of mind both during the wedding planning process and on the day itself is crucial in order for them to enjoy their celebrations. After all, they’re spending so much money they should at least have a great time, right?!

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However, for those of you planning your special day without any guidance, here are a few logistical aspects of the day that should be taken into careful consideration.

1. Arrangement of chairs
This sounds like something simple however it’s important to cross check who will be arranging your chairs. If you’re having morning ceremony this will most likely need to be a theatre style set up, changed in time for your evening banquet. Not all venues will set up your chairs if you’re having them delivered from elsewhere and not all décor companies will have enough staff on hand to do this for you either. Make sure you cross check who is responsible.

2. Holding space
Throughout the day, there will be certain periods where you don’t want your guests to enter into the main room. For example, breakfast and drinks receptions tend to always be served in a separate room. If a lot of your guests also intend on staying on site during the turnaround time between your morning ceremony and your evening reception, then you will need somewhere for them to relax, with ideally a place to set up some teas and coffees. You don’t want your guests to be getting in the way of suppliers and vice versa.

3. Cleaning of the floor
After your initial ceremony be in no doubt that the room will be a mess. There is often a discrepancy about who is going to hoover and possibly mop the floor. Someone will need to take charge and usually it will fall onto the catering company to do so. If you have a professional company with a lot of staff then they will usually agree to doing so, however if it has not been spoken about prior to the event, and you have hired the services of a smaller caterer with a very limited number of staff, then they may refuse to clean up the floor. Someone is going to have to pick up the rubbish and get rid of the dirt before things like your dance floor and top table is laid down – be sure to clarify who.

4. Turnaround time
If you are having a morning religious ceremony followed by an evening reception, then you need to ensure that you have left enough time for the turnaround in between. I typically advise a three-hour gap however this will vary according to your exact set up and floor plans. If you’re having lots of AV production then you may possibly need even more time. Be sure to also check how much time each supplier needs to tear down prior to the evening set up so that your event runs on time.

5. Parking
This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s important that you check if there is sufficient parking at the venue and how far the parking is from the main function area. You have to be prepared for adverse weather conditions so if people are going to have to walk a long distance they need to be warned. You need to also check if there is going to be a car parking attendant on site to guide your guests and make sure the main entrance is kept clear for groom arrival and then departure. Too many cluttered cars will ruin your pictures so ensure this is thought about from the start.

6. Storage facilities 
There needs to be a storage space for both the family and for suppliers near to the main event room. Some of your suppliers such as photographers and videographers will have excessive gear, so in order to stop them from cluttering the main guest areas you need to find a space for them to store their items. Similarly if you have specific ceremony and valuable items it’s better to have these stored somewhere and bought to the front when needed, rather than having them on display throughout the day. Your event needs to be seamless – so the less clutter on display for your guests to see, the better.

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