6 Common Wedding Cake Mistakes Made By Brides And Grooms

I’ll let you in on a secret: I LOVE cake. Let’s be honest though, who doesn’t? A moist sponge filled with layers of light, creamy goodness is any sweet lover’s dream. But, with so many flavours now available along with other additional cake factors to consider, it’s easy to understand why so many couples are left feeling confused about what to do. Your wedding cake can easily go from a hit to a miss if you’re not careful. But not to worry, I’ve put together a few tips to ensure you don’t fall into this trap. 

Here are 6 wedding cake mistakes to avoid:

1. Too many flavours
If you want something extraordinary that’s fine. One flavour is okay, may be even two… but don’t opt for any more than three different flavours of cake – especially if you intend to serve each one these to your guests. Not only will you potentially end up with a lot of wastage of one flavour, but you may run out of one of the more popular ones, which is never a good look. Remember quality always trumps quantity! Think about what flavours your guests will enjoy and what fits in with your theme rather than attempting to offer everything under the sun.

2. Poor display
One you’ve chosen your cake, the next thing you need to do is focus on how you’re going to display it. Think about the type of cake table you’ll have, along with the type of linen you want – if any at all. If you’re having a champagne bottle you need to think carefully about the bucket, the style of cake knife and the flutes etc as these all need to be in sync. Don’t leave it to your caterers to pull something together at the last minute as this will be very visible when you look back at your photos. The cake cutting moment is a significant one and you want to ensure everything looks neat and polished.

3. Too many cameras
One of the biggest faux pas at any wedding reception is when guests are unable to see any part of the cake cutting, due to the number of photographers, videographers and cranes blocking the view. While you obviously want to capture this special moment on camera, it’s also important that you and your guests enjoy the actual real life moment. If your guests are unable to see anything they will get agitated, start talking and possibly even make a trip to the bar.

4. Bad song choice
Make sure you remember to go over your playlist with the DJ prior to your event so he or she is clear on how you want your cake cutting ceremony to go – and what music needs to be played in the background. It’s important to ensure your song choice matches your overall theme and reflects your personality as a couple. For example, don’t opt for a Bollywood cake cutting song if you hate Indian film songs and are planning on having English tracks for everything else.

5. Not having anyone on standby
Once you’ve cut the cake you are going to need someone on hand to move the cake table to the side of the dance floor. You may decide to go straight into your first dance or have a few speeches – so either way, the cake needs to go. There’s nothing worse than everyone looking around at each other and having no clue as to what’s going on. Either get your caterers to do the job or instruct two family members to move the table. If you have a wedding planner – then this is something that will automatically be taken care of.

6. Going over the top
While you’ve probably seen images of cakes in cages, upside down cakes, larger than life-size cakes, remember that you should only be spending a very small amount of your overall budget on your wedding cake. There’s no need to go so over the top when a small simple vanilla sponge decorated with fresh florals will do the job just as well (and look incredibly elegant can I just add). If you’re not sure about the amount of money you should be spending on your wedding then be sure to get in touch for my FREE Wedding Budget Management Guide


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