5 Wedding Details The Groom Should Never Get Involved With

I love how involved grooms are starting to get with the big day. After all marriage is a 50-50 partnership and that begins from the offset when you’re planning your wedding. However, there are still certain elements I know the bride personally likes to be in charge of herself. So, if you’re a hands-on groom, be sure to not only read this post, but please take note.

1. Her outfit
Every bride will have thought long and hard about what she wants to wear on her big day. Let her decide what colour, material and style she wants to wear without any interference from yourself. If you want to coordinate your outfits then ask her for a swatch of her material but that’s about as far as you should go. Do not under any circumstances tell her that she should not be wearing something or that she does not have good taste (she’s marrying you after all isn’t she?!)

2. Vidaai ceremony
There are two types of vidaai ceremonies that seem to take place nowadays. The first is the traditional type of vidaai where the bride and most people in the room will be teary eyed. The second is a happy vidaai. This will typically see the bride and groom walk down the aisleway (as they would in their civil ceremony) waving at their guests and being greeted with smiles and confetti as they walk down. Do not pressure your bride about the type of vidaai she should be having. She is after all saying goodbye to her own family, so let this be on her terms.

3. Bridal portraits
The amount of time required, and style of photographs should really be down to the bride and the photographer. Do not try and negotiate times with the photographer or pressure the bride into having to get ready early. Her bridal photographs are going to be with her for life and when you consider the amount she’s spending on hair, make-up and her outfit, they need to be absolutely spot on!

4. Bridal entrance
Who your bride wants to walk her down the aisle, along with the song choice, should be her decision, and her decision alone. In fact, I think it’s nice if the song remains a secret as it gives you something to look forward to on the day. Some brides choose to have more of an elaborate entrance with lots of family members, while others will have something simple. Either way, she’s only going to be walking down that aisle as a single woman once, so let her do it her own way.

5. Her invites
I have a sister company that provides wedding stationery so I conduct a lot of meetings about stationery. Though it’s understandable that you’ll both want a say when it comes to the overall stationery for the wedding and the reception, your bride should have full control when it comes to her invites. If you don’t agree on the same design or the same price then avoid opting for ‘his and her’-style invites and just choose your own individual ones. It will save you both a lot of grief and time in the long run.

I know you love your bride and don’t deliberately try to take complete control of the day, however sometimes when you’re super excited and passionate it can be easy to forget to be sensitive. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and just let things flow. Don’t worry, I’ll also soon be writing a post on all the things your bride should be letting you have control over too!



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