5 Ways To Impress Guests During Your Indian Wedding Lunch Service

When it comes to your wedding reception, your menu can be as exciting as you wish! However, when it comes to the Hindu wedding ceremony it’s customary to serve up a traditional feast. Often, the problem with this tends to be that the food at most weddings is repetitive, unimaginative and simply quite boring. No one gets excited about lunch, which is such a shame because your wedding is really supposed to be the main part of your celebrations.

I am as passionate about traditional customs as I about everything else. So here’s presenting 5 ways to make your lavish Gujarati feast a little more exciting.

indian wedding lunch

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1. Break The Buffet
With wedding numbers going down significantly there’s no reason why your Indian lunch can’t be served to the table. Seat your guests down on individual named tables and have the caterer serve the food to the table. Your guests will be grateful for not having to queue and it also reinforces that you’re not prioritising one event over another.

2. Add Some Variety
Just because you have to go with Gujarati food does not mean you have to make your menu boring. There are so many farsans (savouries) to choose from and so many different sweet dishes. Ask your caterer to be a bit more creative and try out some fusion flavours if you can. Think chocolate gulab jamuns or triple layered dhokla. I’m not saying do this with every item, but one or two is enough to get people excited.

3. Thali Service
Not all caterers can pull this one off and it really does depend on your numbers, but one thing Gujaratis love, is being waited on – and I know this because I see how excited everyone gets during a thali service. Include this popular dining custom from India into your lunch by serving up unlimited food in fancy plates – what’s not to love?

4. Healthy Option
With everyone becoming more health conscious one of the biggest pet peeves of guests is having to eat lots of fried food at weddings. If you’re going to serve some bhatura or puris for example, then try and also give your guests the option of some tandoori roti. The same goes with farsan (savouries). If you’re having samosas or kachoris then go with one non-fried option at least.

5. Professional Staff
Not only will your guests be focused on the taste of the food but they will also notice the level of service offered by the caterer. This means opt for a caterer who provides high quality, uniformed staff who can ideally liaise with your guests in English and Gujarati/Hindi. You may have some elderly members of family who may need extra attention or some work colleagues who may need advice about food and dietary requirements. Great service means happy guests, which is exactly what you want.



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