5 Ways To Be The Most Awesome Bride EVER

Whether you’re the first one out of your group of friends who is tying the knot or the first one in your family, chances are you will have met another woman who went from Miss to Mrs at some point in your life. Through your interactions with her you will probably have thought one of two things; ‘she’s the most chilled out bride I’ve ever met’ or ‘all she does is talk about her wedding’.

There are two types of brides in this world; those who people literally want to avoid at any cost and those who people can’t help but want to be around because they posses a certain type of glow. So if you’d rather be the latter than the former, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Don’t dictate what other people have to wear
It’s your big day and everyone gets that. But, you also need to understand that it’s an opportunity for them to get dressed up and have a good time too. If you start insisting on particular styles of clothing and colours, you may face some backlash. Not everyone has enough cash to purchase new clothes and even those who do, are likely to want to buy something they can wear again.

2. Don’t insist on D.I.Y
While there is nothing wrong with D.I.Y to a certain extent, don’t be impractical and expect to D.I.Y your entire wedding – especially if you’re expecting help from others. Asking your bridesmaids to stay up half the night (before the big day) to make your bouquet or centerpieces is not ideal. If you’re super organised and planning to get things done weeks ahead of the wedding then that’s great – go you!

3. Don’t micromanage your suppliers
You will be liaising with most of your suppliers for a good part of a year if not more. They have probably been in the industry for a very long time (at least longer than the amount of time you’ve been planning your wedding). He or she will be talking from experience and so it’s a good idea to take on any suggestions and listen carefully when they give you some advice.

4. Don’t moan all the time
No one loves a bride who moans all the time. Be thankful for all the support and help you’ve been getting from your loved ones and show them that you care. Perhaps take them out to dinner or gift them something small as a token of your appreciation. Remember, there are no expectations for you to do this, however your loved ones will appreciate the gesture. Having a wedding planner by your side will also help you to destress. Offload your concerns onto him or her rather than your family. For more details about my packages click here.

5. Don’t ignore your guests
When you finally do get to the day of your wedding, remember to enjoy it. However, remember to also thank your guests for making a special effort to attend. Many guests may have travelled from afar and will be spending extra money on things like accommodation, so be sure to take out half an hour of your time to meet them all.

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