5 Types Of Stylish Chairs For Your Indian Wedding

When you’ve organised as many weddings as us, you’ll have a very different idea of what constitutes good style and what’s simply, well…. not stylish.

While many brides and grooms fantasise about their centerpieces and favour boxes, they don’t realise that placing emphasis on just one single component on its own does not equal good theme execution. You need to think about the overall aesthetic of your event and believe it or not, chairs play a very big part in this.

So, we’ve put together a list of 5 types of chairs we believe will add something special to your event:

1. Chiavari Chair
Chiavari Chair
Perhaps one of the most common types of chairs used at weddings due to its versatility. The chiavari chair comes in a range of colours and works well for formal set ups in banquet halls and hotels, as well as more rustic set ups in barns and tents.

2. Folding Chair
This chair is perfect for those couples looking to create a more informal and relaxed atmosphere. They work well outdoors and in barns and come in a variety of wood stains, as well as white.

3. Ghost Chair
Ghost Chair

If you want modern, sleek and clean then this is your chair. Available in all different shapes the ghost chair works well because it blends into the background while making your event look effortlessly glamorous.

4. Versailles Chair
Versailles Chair
This stylish chair is a great choice for couples looking for an alternative to the regular chiavari chair. Inspired by French décor (hint is in the name), this chair works best in gold and for formal evening receptions.

5. King Louis XVI Chair

This chair comes with an oval back and upholstered material – usually linen. It is perfect for a romantic country wedding or for a more lavish affair in a historic mansion.

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