5 Things Every Groom Needs To Do On His Wedding Day

There are plenty of things you need to get to grips with ahead of the wedding day as a groom. If you haven’t done so already, then be sure to read my article on 5 things an Indian groom must do before his wedding day. However, this post is specifically about the things grooms will be expected to do on the day!

1. Arrange transport
You will have already booked your transport before the day itself, but be sure to keep the driver well informed about exactly when you’re going to need him. Make sure you give the number to your best man or runner on the day if you don’t have a wedding planner to deal with this.

2. Carry a handkerchief
Your bride is going to get a little teary at various points throughout the day, and let’s be honest she’s not going to have any pockets in her outfit. So make sure you have a handkerchief ready just in case she needs it. This will be particularly useful during the vidaai ceremony and on your car ride home.

3. Keep calm
If you’ve been heavily involved with the wedding planning, then you will notice when things start to go wrong on the day. But don’t panic! No matter what happens you have to remember that enjoying the day is your biggest priority. If you have a wedding planner, then he or she will ensure that everything is running to plan. If you don’t, then perhaps it’s worth looking at hiring one. For details about my wedding planning packages click here.

4. Talk to your guests
People have made a special effort to come to your wedding – some may even have travelled from abroad, so be a gracious host and take some time to go round and individually thank everyone for their presence. You won’t need as much time as your bride to get ready, so if she’s still getting her make up applied, feel free to pop down and say hello to people without her.

5. Keep a stash of food ready
You and your bride will have spent a long time selecting your wedding day menu, however there is a chance that you may not get to enjoy all the scrumptious food. Don’t get me wrong, as a wedding planner I always ensure I have a plate ready for the couple, but they don’t always sit down to enjoy this as they’re busy greeting guests, taking shots or enjoying themselves on the dance floor. When the night has come to an end you are probably going to be starving, so if you’ve got a long drive home, be sure to pack an emergency stash of food in your car.


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