5 Things Couples Can Learn From Anushka & Virat’s Wedding!

Anushka-Virat-WeddingIt’s being tipped as the (Indian) celebrity wedding of the decade and rightly so! India loves nothing more than the merging of Bollywood and cricket, so when you have two stars who are at the top of their respective fields, it’s what’s considered to be a PERFECT match.

The thing about a celebrity relationship is that the whole world feels like they’re a part of it from the very beginning. When Anushka was cheering for Virat at his cricket matches (and he blew her that famous kiss) we all felt butterflies in our stomach. When Virat posted a sweet Valentine’s message for Anushka and had her back on social media when she was being trolled, we felt a gushing sense of pride. These two were in love and they wanted the world to know. And though they have always publicly acknowledged their relationship, they managed to maintain a sense of privacy at the same time – something that’s often quite difficult to do in the celeb world.

Bearing their obvious private nature in mind, it comes as no surprise that the couple wanted to keep their wedding details so discrete, that they asked all suppliers involved to sign a non-disclosure agreement. But, after months of speculation from the press the duo made it official yesterday (Monday 11th December) at a beautiful, intimate ceremony at the luxurious Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany, Italy.

As I’m completely in love with all things #Virushka, I thought I’d look a little closer and see what future brides and grooms can learn from their wedding day:

1. You don’t need to wear red
If you are genuinely fond of the colour red and have always dreamed about wearing it on your wedding day then go for it. However, time and time again I encounter brides who feel like they have no choice but to wear red. So, I’d like to ask these brides to take a leaf out of Anushka’s book and see that it’s okay to opt for something different. Pastel and blush tones are very much in season, but if you prefer something brighter, then why not opt for oranges and pinks?

2. You can have a small wedding
A lot of couples feel like they can’t have a small intimate wedding because they have too many people on their guest list. This is a common problem. However like Anushka and Virat, you can still opt for a very small ceremony and celebrate with additional guests at other wedding-related celebrations. For example, the couple are hosting one reception for additional friends and family and then another for their celebrity friends.

3. Your theme should be centred around your venue
As the couple got married in Italy, they used elements of their surroundings and incorporated these into their big day. There were lots of fresh florals and subtle colours. Though Anushka went more boho chic for her mehendi outfit, it still had a very strong western flavour. They didn’t simply ship across items from India and try to replicate the wedding they could’ve had in India, in Italy. It’s important you also pay attention to your surroundings. Are you in the countryside? In a city? Abroad? Your location and venue will play a big part in deciding a theme for your day.

 4. Don’t dictate what your guests should and shouldn’t do
While I’m sure Anushka and Virat obviously asked their guests to stay tight lipped about the event details prior to the wedding (completely understandable), it appears they have been quite lenient about them sharing photos and videos post the event. This shows how relaxed they are around each other and their family members. Asking people to not do something will only annoy them so don’t fall in to this trap. The same goes with asking them to wear or avoid certain colours. Not everyone can afford to purchase new outfits for your event and it’s important to remember this. From the images released of the wedding so far, it seems Anushka and Virat’s guests were wearing both similar and opposing colours to their Sabyasachi outfits.

5. Thank your guests and well wishers
Not everyone has millions of social media followers like my couple in question however regardless of how many friends, family or followers you have it’s always nice to send out a thank you message. Yes, these two have fans so they’ve posted a message online however you don’t have to post on your social media accounts. You can simply send a card to show your thanks and appreciation to your friends and family for supporting you on your big day and being a part of your journey. Just another thing these two got right!


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