5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Garland

There are many important rituals that take place as part of the Hindu wedding ceremony. However, one thing in particular that you need to pay particular attention to is your wedding garland (haar), as this will be visible on you for the majority of the ceremony. Sadly, a lot of couples tend to overlook the finer details required to ensure they select the perfect flowers for their big day, so I’ve teamed up with Niche Flowers to provide you with some expert tips.

1. Colour
Think very carefully about the colour of your garlands. Though red and white are the typical preference, you need to ensure they do actually match with your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing more of a neutral shade (which is very much on trend) then opt for pastels or ivories. Your garlands need to look like a part of your outfit and not stick out like an eyesore.

2. Flowers
Speak to your florist and discuss the exact florals you want to include in your garland. Niche Flowers specialise in making garlands with all types of blooms and will advise you what will not only work best, but what will be most cost effective. If you go with something in season then you will get more choice and be able to negotiate a better price.

3. Style 
Think about the length of your garland and the how it will be fastened. Some will simply have to go over your head, while the alternative option is to use either a Velcro fasten, or a hook option at the back so it looks neater. You also need to consider how long it needs to be as the bride will be a different height to the groom and therefore may need a slightly shorter one.

4. Delivery
Most garlands will need to be kept in a cool place and possibly be kept in a refrigerator overnight if they’re not being used straight away. Work out where you will be the night before and if it is practical for you to transport them with you. Alternatively, speak to your florist and have them delivered on the morning itself to avoid any mishaps.

5. Weight 
Be careful not to add too much weight to your garland as it will end up making you feel restless. You’ll be walking around the havan with it on and also throughout the venue, possibly for photos, so it’s important they’re light and don’t feel like a hindrance. It’s a good idea to speak to your florist to see if they have any prototypes which you can try on. Niche Flowers will be able to show you a range of different options that won’t feel too big or bulky.

To purchase your wedding garland or discuss other floral arrangements for your big day, contact Niche Flowers on 07714 536337 or email nicheflowers@gmail.com.

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