Dear Ladies, Here Are 5 Signs That Prove He Is A Groomzilla

groomzillaModern age relationships are all about being equal. From the household chores to the wedding bill, everything is split in half. Therefore it’s no surprise that we are witnessing the birth of a brand new breed of men to accompany the traditional Bridezilla – that’s right, I’m talking about the rise of the Groomzilla.

Not sure if your groom possesses the symptoms? Read my list to find out:

1. He refuses to compromise
The typical Groomzilla will refuse to compromise on anything. He won’t budge on his guest list or let you have the table centres you’ve been dreaming of. He wants things his way and will try and talk you round to the best of his abilities until you cave in from exhaustion.

2. He questions your decisions
It would appear that he had very little interest in wedding planning at the start and was happy nodding along to any of your suggestions. But as it gets closer to the date of your wedding he is second guessing the choices you’ve already made and suggesting changes at the last minute.

3. He wants all eyes on him

Is your groom obsessed with the idea of your first dance or the top table? Does he want to be visible to every single guest at all times during the day? Is he more concerned with his outfit than yours and fussing about his (and your) weight? You know what this means…

4. He has unrealistic expectations of all your suppliers
If you have a great relationship with your wedding suppliers then they will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your wedding day is perfect. However, if he is constantly moaning about the tiniest of details and imagining worst-case scenarios relating to your suppliers, then ladies, he needs a chill pill.

5. He wants to have a say on bride-only decisions
Weddings are about the bride and the groom so it’s absolutely okay for him to have a say on certain decisions like the menu and the music, however he does not have any right to interfere in your hair or make up choices or the type of dress you will be wearing. This is a no go area.


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