5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Enjoying Wedding Planning

Anushka Sharma copyTake it from a company that plans multiple weddings a year; wedding plan is FUN! For many, it’s a chance to bond as a couple, as a family or even as friends. For others, it’s a chance to really get creative and make their once in a lifetime dream wedding a reality. The point is you should be enjoying this phase of your relationship regardless. If you’re not, then have a think as to why this may be and what you can do to change it. I’ve listed five common reasons below:

1. You do not have clear priorities
You need to carefully think about your main priorities if you’re getting married. What’s the most important thing to you? Do you have a budget you need to stick to? Do you have a theme you want to execute really well? Do you just want to ensure your family and friends have a great day out? Whatever your main priority is, be clear on it and stick to it. If your priorities are constantly changing day in day out you will constantly feel confused which isn’t going to help anyone.

2. You are not taking any time out
You’re getting married – congratulations. But, you also have a life outside of planning your wedding so remember this. When you’re spending time with family and friends don’t constantly talk about your wedding. Thinking about the big day all the time can actually give a lot of brides and grooms anxiety; you need to remember to take some time out. Go out, have a laugh and even if you are spending time together as a couple, ensure there is at least one wedding-talk-free night a week.

3. You do not have a wedding planner
In today’s day and age a wedding planner is a necessity. With your hectic work schedule and never ending social commitments, you will need someone to stay on top of your contracts, payments and nudge you along when things need to get done. Not only this, but your wedding planner will come with a wealth of knowledge about the industry and will also ensure everything is perfect on the day – meaning you and your family can actually have a good time.

4. You have a wedding planner, but you think you know best
You may have paid for the services of a wedding planner, but are you actually listening to what he or she has to say? So many brides and grooms fall into the trap of thinking they know best, which is sadly when things start to unravel. Remember, when it comes to your wedding day – NO ONE will care as much about the wedding day as the two of you, and your planner. Not only does he or she have a reputation to maintain, but they will have been involved with every single aspect of your day from the very beginning. Make sure you work as a team, as working against each other will only cause you extra stress.

5. You have no event management experience
It’s no easy task to organise an Indian wedding and/or reception, particularly if you have no event management experience or have not had to organise any other large-scale family event. Though most couples find it relatively easy to select their suppliers, it’s often difficult for them to bring everything together and coordinate the entire day as they need to consider the finer details of the day, including logistics and operations. If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly love spreadsheets and floor plans then it’s easy to understand why you may not be enjoying the experience. Either pass this on to your other half or a friend, or hire someone with the expertise to take care of all the boring (yet crucial) bits.



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