5 Reasons Why Every Bride Is Thankful To Her Brother On Her Wedding Day

Over the years you will most definitely have fought, argued, cried and laughed together. No matter how much your brother may have wound you up just for pleasure, there’s no doubt he will be the one struggling the most to fight back those tears on your wedding day. So, whether you’re tying the knot this summer or got married 20 years ago, this post is dedicated to every bride who is thankful for her brother’s presence during her wedding celebrations.

1. D-I-Y guy
With so many pre and post celebrations and items that need to be picked and dropped off, your brother is practically your wedding superhero. He will probably endure a lot of heavy lifting and moving and will end up doing everything asked without moaning once! This is because he wants your day to be extra special and will do anything to make that happen.

2. Shoe-guard
Typically when it comes to stealing the shoes on the wedding day it’s usually left to the younger sisters of the bride, however over time I’ve seen families become more and more competitive with this ritual. Having your brother in your team means that no one will be able to touch those shoes once they’ve been found. He will guard them with his life using his height and strength to his advantage.

3. Driver
If you decide to drive up to your venue in a family member’s car then chances are your brother will be in the driver’s seat. This is your prime chance to give him instructions and also take charge of the music stereo for a change. He’ll be opening your car door and sheltering you from any bad weather to ensure your outfit, hair and make up stays intact.

4. Assistant
You will probably have a wedding planner on the day to avoid any mishaps, but even your planner will need a contact point on the day so he or she can get hold of family members efficiently on the day. Your brother is the perfect point of contact as not only will he know everyone, but he will be able to assist with any emergencies that crop up on the day, which may need to be kept hidden from everyone else.

5. Emotional strength
It’s not unusual to feel a little nervous or scared during the wedding lead up, but your brother will be able to gage the way you’re feeling and lighten the mood whenever necessary. Boys tend to avoid being overly emotional as it makes them uncomfortable, so  instead will focus on making you laugh to make sure that you enjoy the moment instead of stressing out over it.

If you’ve got a brother who always has your back, don’t forget to share this post with him!

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