10 Fun Items You Can Serve To Guests During Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Summertime is upon us, which means many brides and grooms will be keeping their fingers crossed, in the hope that they can enjoy an outdoor Indian wedding ceremony over the next few months. It can be difficult to get things exactly right, so for more tips on how to plan the perfect outdoor Indian ceremony click here.

One of the best way to keep your guests happy outdoors is by surprising them (in a positive way of course). Sometimes the heat can be a little too much and you need something to either cool you down or to give you a bit of much needed energy. A great starting point is to think about what would make you happy, or what you would appreciate as a guest if you were attending a wedding, and though there is of course a growing trend for silent ceremonies, there is no reason why your catering team cannot ‘silently’ circulate a few treats during the wedding.

The following items would not only work for an outdoor ceremony, but will also work if you’re having your wedding indoors. Here are 10 suggestions:

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1. Milkshake
This option works well for those who are more traditional as milk was often the go-to drink back in the day. A more modern and fun option is of course to mix in a few scoops of deliciously creamy ice cream and add some chocolate sprinkles on top. Go with classic vanilla or chocolate or even mix it up with fancier flavours like Oreo.

2. Popcorn
This really does depend on the time of your ceremony, so probably not ideal if you’ve just served a heavy breakfast. However, cute little bags of popcorn will not only make for some great pictures, but is also practical as it’s spillage and (on the whole) noise-free. If you really want to make things exciting you can experiment with different flavours like tomato and jalapeno, spicy masala or even toffee.

3. Popsicle
If it’s going to be a really hot day then ask your caterers to make some bespoke popsicles for your guests. Though alcohol isn’t really suitable if it’s being served during a religious ceremony, you can get as crazy as you like with the different choices of fruits and drinks out there.

4. Tea
It may sound like a slight cliche, but every Indian loves masala chai. Serve in traditional miniature glasses with a biscuit or two and your guests will be forever thankful. I’m not by any means saying that your guests are going to be drifting off during the ceremony, but everyone can always use a little pick me up – and tea is absolutely perfect for this.

5. Fresh coconut water
Perhaps not ideal for really large numbers due to the cost, however if you have smaller numbers at your wedding then this is an absolute treat, because it’s something you don’t often get to experience in the UK. Plus, the health benefits are just an added bonus.

6. Ice cream tubs
Icy popsicles are already on the list but if that’s a little too messy for your liking then ice cream tubs are always a crowd pleaser. Any flavor will generally be a hit and you can either opt for a local organic company or go with a universal brand favourite like Ben & Jerry’s.

7. Strawberries and cream
There’s a reason this is a fan favourite at Wimbledon and even if you’re not having a tennis-themed wedding, you can still serve up this British treat. If your style is more exotic then how about mangoes and ice cream or a fruity berry mix?

8. Peanuts (in paper cones)
If you’ve ever walked the streets of India then you’ll have seen these being sold everywhere. For a truly rustic feel serve in newspaper cones and slightly warmed. Like popcorn, peanuts are fuss free and light meaning your guests will still have a big appetite for lunch.

9. Soda with a straw
Imagine sitting out in the heat and being served an ice-cold bottle of coca cola. Not just any old bottle will do, I’m talking glass all the way with a straw (so the ladies’ lipsticks don’t get ruined!).

10. Nimbu Paani
If you don’t want to serve anything too fancy and keep things simple then just serve up some classic nimbu paani. It’s cost effective, refreshing and a little more exciting than regular water. If you’re more daring though, then a nimbu paani sorbet is also a tasty alternative.


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